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  1. Note that the problem might not show itself on an options reset because (for me) Slices was not selected by default when going to Export Persona. I did the ctrl reset thing too, and initially thought it was fixed ... until I clicked Slices tab and it crashed. The beta seems to have addressed it though...
  2. I'm fairly astonished it has taken this long. This is a critical application hang, easily repeatable and crippling to anyone trying to export their work. All this time I have been lucky, I guess, that the main artboards I need to export are working, while a less important graphic crashes AD every time.
  3. I am doing SVG export as well and have been doing a number of experiments to see what style/effects I can get away with that export to true filters etc. instead of being rasterized. I think the bottom line is that AD is not specifically a true SVG editor, and essentially does what it can during export. But I am curious what other tools you use?
  4. When is this coming? I've been holding off on reverting to an older build.
  5. BIOSMonkey

    Cat images

    Genuinely asking for help and trying to enhance your skills with the information given is one thing ... demanding that others create videos for you to do basic things is another.
  6. BIOSMonkey

    Cat images

    LMAO. I can't believe this thread is still going...
  7. BIOSMonkey

    Cat images

    I am a newcomer to the Affinity line of products, but reading through this (and several very similar) threads I just want to say that I am incredibly impressed with the patience and generosity of the folks here, and it's nice to know that I would be able to get help for a legitimate question should the need arise some day. Alfred, you're the man.
  8. Same here. Came to this forum to post a similar message. Created a simple banner with some curves, switched to Export persona and immediate hang. Did the Clear trick as described above and successfully got to export, but as rsim says, clicking Slices tab hangs it again. Not trying to be a jerk but I am starting to try and transition to AD instead of illustrator for design, so this is a little concerning. Really like and appreciate the value of Affinity tools (I own all) but at the end of the day I have to be able to trust I can get work done!

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