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  1. It's not about beeing a SVG editor, but exporting SVG's based on simple groundrules should be standard. Like in AI, Sketch, etc.., those are also not svg editors but they are doing their job well. I hope Affinity does take this issue seriously, because the exported svg results are just not usable for a couple of use cases / areas.
  2. There is a wide range of needed optimizations of the svg export in Affinity Designer. I am just listening the most important (buggy) ones for now: The svg tag has the width and height property as percental values, this can cause multiple (positioning / scaling) issues for the web usage (I am a Web Developer, 12+ years) while rendering the svg appropriate and the values are often differently in different browsers for the usage of early access in the DOM, the CSSOM and even for JS. That's why most SVG Exports usually use precise attribute values, e.g. instead of the current export <svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 596 842" ... it needs to be exported as <svg width="596" height="842" viewBox="0 0 596 842" ... AD exports the path's, etc. with inline styles (style="...") instead of the acutal svg properties (e.g. fill="...", stroke="...", font-style="...", etc.). Therefore it's currently hard to override those values outside the svg and even for dynamic JS manipulations / effects The id's of exported elements have the layer's names, therefore there are sometimes problems (e.g. <g id="ArtBö--ard11" serif:id="ArtBö &lt;ard1">) with special characters (including spaces, etc.), especially when trying to access them, sometimes they even brake things. They should be removed from the final svg export entirely (some of the special characters aren't w3c valid for id's anyway). By the way, the exported serif:id="..." makes the svg way bigger in size then it should be (bad loading times on the web), it makes a huge differences when it comes to complex svg's Other export tools / competitor tools do it as explained above and there are no problems. If there is some more detailed technical information needed then let me know.
  3. *thumbs-up* I would really appreciate that as well, because I am also interested in developing plugins for affinity (currently I was thinking about creating a dynamic clothing plugin for characters). JS would be my favorite language as well, but I would be also happy with any other language (except Java).
  4. Hello, as a Designer & Dev (Game & Web) I usually need SVG's quiet often, I usually need to run those SVG's through a Converter (SVG => to Meshes). But now the Problem beginns, for example, if I use curves with brushes on them, then AD converts those brushes to simple images only (I looked through the exported code of the svgs). This is really bad news for me, Illustrator doesn't do that, Illustrator actually converts those brushes (even complex ones) entirely to SVG valid data. Is there a plan to improve the AD SVG Export Options anytime soon to make this work? If this isn't on the AD Roadmap anytime soon, is there a alternative way to do it then (e.g. Vectorizing those Brush Curves)? I am also missing vectorization of curves and other objects in AD in general, that would help out by quiet a lot. [EDIT:] Seems like most AD Brushes are more or less Images (not the simple standard brushes), what makes it impossible to export it as valid SVG Data / Vectors, except if AD has some smart vectorization features in the future. Why are even Image Brushes allowed in AD? It's the opposite concept of a Vector Application, just wondering. Kind regards, DK
  5. Weird, I am using affinity designer 1.5.4 and i am still having this issue.
  6. Okay, after updating to 1.5.1 the Bug seems to be gone :)
  7. Hello, there is a very strange behavior (since 1.5, in 1.4 everything was fine) once I select something and deselect it, then the selection outline is still active and stays active no matter what I do (see screenshot, the pink/purple outline). It's impossible to work like that :(
  8. Thanks a lot Meb, I'll keep an eye on it until it's released :)
  9. Hello, I am working professionally on many projects with AI every day, but I am really missing the relative alignment feature of aligning a object or more objects relatively to another object. On AI when I select multiple objects (like squares), then keep the "Alt" Key pressed and click on one of the objects then i can start aligning relatively to it (the clicked object will be the "main object", every other object gets aligned to this one). I haven't found this feature anywhere in AD. Is this feature on your roadmap or is it already implemented in a different way? It's one of the features that i am really missing, at the moment I have to stick to AI (sadly).
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