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  1. February 2017 and still no easy way to define arrowheads on the ends of a path, which are oriented according to the path's endpoint tangent line. :-(
  2. Martin Majewski

    Shape export to Apples Motion

    THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! "Designer and Motion are both so intense! Put'em together, it just makes sense..." :-P
  3. Please put some effort in the support of Wacom tablets. Some of the driver build-in features likes rotation or zoom (for the touch ring) are not working nicely or at all. The zoom function is not smooth for example. It seems that it only emulates keystrokes for zoom. Furthermore i think it would be a killer-feature if you could adjust values like brush-size etc. with the touch ring by simply selecting a value filed, selecting the appropriate touch ring mode and circling around with the finger to in- / decrease values. I know Designer is not a sketching app but because you provide a brush tool that is predestinated for use with a graphics tablet you should also provide the ability to rotate the canvas. Everyone has its favorite line drawing direction and a rotatable canvas improves line drawing a lot! Thank you
  4. Martin Majewski

    Then, this happened!

    That's what brought me to Affinity Designer, to the purchase of the same and finally to this forum and this reply! :-D