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  1. kemo

    Android App Icon Template

    Thanks for sharing! Will definitely come handy!
  2. can't believe there is nearly no interest in this feature! Im hoping it will come in any of the following betas.
  3. Was about to ask if this feature is under consideration. This is something many Adobe users were used to and would be an awesome +++ to already great library of features Affinity Designer already have. So instead of creating a new post I just say it here. +1
  4. Hi Affinity Community, I've recently bought the Affinity Designer and I can't say how happy I'm with the speed and overall performance compared to similar software. Anyway to the point. I was looking for some other way to "simulate" the Wrinkle tool, which is in Adobe Illustrator and unfortunately I'm unable to find any similar tool nor a way to get an effect similar to this: I was hoping you guys could give me the definitive answer if this sorf of "effect" has to be done manually or if there's easier way of applying this effect on a shape in Affinity Designer. Thanks a lot!