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  1. Aw dang it!! There it is!!?!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! WOW, simple answer :) THANKS!
  2. hi there. I really don't know how to explain this. I want Designer to show that I DON'T have a bottom layer in my image. ie: I start a new design, delete ALL layers, and then start adding type, I would expect transparency to show as grey-white checkerboard. But it doesn't show like that. It always seems like I have a white-fill layer under everything :(
  3. Hi there. For the life of me I don't know how to draw a circle marque on a layer mask and then move and adjust it WITHOUT cutting the mask. Please help! In Photoshop I would create my own vignettes by making a black layer and then masking it with a feathered circle. And I can A) draw the marquee circle right in the center of the layer using modifiers (which I can't find with AP). and B) move the marque around freely without taking a chunk of the mask with it (which I can't find in AP). heeeellllp :) thanks! :D
  4. I think I speak for many people in requesting that Affinity NEVER move to monthly subscriptions. We're being subscribed to death (some of us paying close to $200/mnth for "software rental" including Office, Adobe, Dropbox, Amazon S3 etc). Thank you...and please...and thanks again :D
  5. Does anyone from Affinity actually come to these forums to help paying customers?
  6. Thank you. But, this isn't the Affinity Photo Program, it's the extension within Mac OSX Photos app where you can quickly edit and adjust photos directly in the Mac OSX Photos app. So I'm unable to move any of those tabs. :(
  7. Hi there. I'm using the Affinity Photo extension in my Macbook Air 11". It's impossible to see the rest of the noise reduction tab. It's cut off at the bottom and there's no way to scroll lower without moving the photo around (See Screenshot). How can I fully use this extension without the sliders being chopped off at the end?
  8. Wow! That's awesome! Thanks :)
  9. Hi folks. Is there anyway I can download the current install dmg for Affinity Photo? I'm paranoid and want to keep a backup copy of the install program. Thanks!