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  1. Narlei Moreira


    +1 Please add a shortcut for eyedropper
  2. Please, fix Magic Mouse scroll to change number values estou size, width, height. Magic Mouse not working scroll for this. Thank's.
  3. Please if is possible: When create new Image, verify if exist an image on clipboard, if exists, suggest the dimensions for new file.
  4. Thank you Konspaul!!!! It's solve all!
  5. Hello, Already exists, or no way to create a shortcut key for "File > Export..." option? I need to create many png files and this would be nice. Thank's
  6. Dear Team, I`m iOS Developer and need an App for edit images. I need create images and edit existing files. I need know: 1 - Is possible resize images; 2 - Shadow effects; 3 - Basic effects from Photoshop (because designers give me projects for export labels); Thank`s, and sorry for my english, I`m Brasilian developer and my friends designers are like this app too.