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  1. Thank you for your replies both are correct. I have one file Logomark.afdesign and then I want to make a few more files like Logo+text V1, Logo+Text V2, Logo Sticker V1, Logo Sticker V2 in all these files I want to be able to link my Logomark.afdesign and when I have made a change Logomark.afdesign. I want to be able to see the changes in the other files. So far I only see Publisher have this functionality but it feels a bit weird to need to use a page layout app for this. My understanding of symbols is that they are contained in the afdesign file? Last time I tried this the symbols were gone when I made a new Blank Designer document. I have the feeling that Illustrator was capable to do this but it has been many years ago I have used it.
  2. I was wondering what the best approach is to use a logo mark in different Designer documents? I have made a lovely logo of a drawn face and now I want to make some custom alternative designs of logo with different text. What's the best practice to handle it? I don't really want copy paste the logo design in each document. I would like it to pick up changes in the draw face Design document so these changes get reflected in all designs. I noticed I can place a document in a designer document but these seems to get embedded. Do I need to make my designs in Publisher?
  3. I haven't found the need for footnotes in my book projects. I would love if we could have great plugin support instead so in theory you could implement footnotes yourself.
  4. Hmm, I have send back this tablet because of similar issues. Why do we need to disable High Precision tablet input?
  5. I just bought the Huion tablet to experiment with Affinity Photo/Designer but it doesn't behave as expected yet so something has to be wrong. Looks like it's laggy then my Apple Pencil on my iPad device (non iPad Pro) so that's an improvement. Do you see the lagginess too? Also I don't need to pay £20 per year to enable tablet mode on my iPad using Duet Display. I think for £44 the Huion tablet ain't bad the last tablet I had for the Wacom Intuos2 (2001) so a great improvement over all for me
  6. Yeah, exactly. If I add a symbol A to Assets and then add Symbol B which uses Symbol A to Assets and then update the first added asset the changes don't get reflected in the second Symbol. Maybe Designer is scriptable to update all these assets automatically based on a source file? :wonder:
  7. Yes, if I remember correctly Illustrator has hyphenation support too. I don't think Sketch has, though. I wish Affinity products would have the same extensability support as Sketch so you could in theory have a similar plugin as the sketch-hyphenator plugin
  8. If I am using a Symbol (e.g. Logo) and I drag it into the Assets panel the ability to make changes to the Symbol breaks hence. If you have three Symbol-based items in Assets like a Dark, Light and Colour logo you won't be able to change the Colour one and see the changes being applied to the other ones. What's the best approach to reuse Symbol throughout different documents? E.g. when using Publisher?
  9. I am wondering what the best approach is for managing the typical versions of a logo? For example, the colour, white and black versions? I was think I could make a Symbol out of the colour one and then apply an effect to make it either black or white. Sadly, this doesn't work because the effect will be applied to all symbol instances. This also means I can't make a Symbol of a Symbol because it's be used already. The only way I can think off is to use the colour logo as a mask for a filled rectangle. This seems to work and I can make a symbol of it. I am wondering what the advised best practice is for Affinity?
  10. I don't think a Sketch/XD like program is needed but something similar to Sketch's Library support would be great to have!
  11. I think it would be great if the tutorials on the web-sit would come with the image assets that were used so you can experiment with or follow along with the video tutorial!
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