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  1. Ah, yeah, updating to the latest 13.1 beta seems to have fixed it. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, this keeps on bothering me as well - also the fact that my tools keep on getting completely reset (brushes, colors, pressure, etc.) whenever I open a new document. I have "synchronize tools between documents" set which, according to the documentation, should keep my tools settings persistent.
  3. I’m running the iOS 13.1 beta, and I believe the layer was created as Artistic Text. I can try making sure I have the latest iOS update. This is the only app I’ve had this problem in.
  4. On Affinity Photo for iPad, when I use my Apple Smart Keyboard (on my second-gen iPad Pro), for some reason when I’m trying to edit text layers there is no support for a number of keys on the keyboard, including the cursor keys, the delete key, or cmd-shortcuts (like cmd-A for select all, cmd-C for copy, etc.). These seem like strange things to be missing. Is there anything I should do to make it work, or is this just an oversight in the app? If the latter, it’d be great if full keyboard support were added to the text tool. Thanks!
  5. It's been a while since I've tried the latest Affinity Photo stable release and I'm glad that most of what was missing for my cartooning has been added to 1.7.2! Thank you so much for continuing to work on such a wonderful product. First, I just found out by accident that Ctrl in Affinity does what Shift does in Photoshop -- something I can get used to (and it's technically more consistent with what modern UIs do for multiple selections!) and Alt does the same as Photoshop, but there wasn't any feedback on the flood select cursor to indicate that. Having a little thing floating next to the cursor that indicates what will happen to the selection (like Photoshop displaying a +, -, or * for add/subtract/intersect) would be helpful. I see that in the other selection tools this indicator does appear, but it seems to be missing from flood select. Also there doesn't seem to be a modifier for Intersect. Maybe ctrl+alt for that? I also posted a while ago about wanting to make it easier to grow/shrink selections from the keyboard. For now I'm using a couple of macros to handle my common grow/shrink operations, but it's annoying to have to click on them in the macro library, while in Photoshop I just bound "expand selection" to a shortcut key and then it retained the last size setting, and also focused the text entry field for the size. I do appreciate that now you can do everything from the keyboard (pressing tab to select the size field and then entering a number), but it'd be nice if the field were what was selected in the first place (since it doesn't seem like the focus on the slider actually makes it keyboard-accessible anyway) and if it would retain the last entered value. It's a lot better now than it was before, but it still feels a bit clunky to me. And finally, in Photoshop if you hold down a tool shortcut key and click, it'll just use that tool during the click and then switch back to the previous tool when you let go of the shortcut key. For example, from any tool you can hold I and click somewhere to get the eyedropper, and then releasing I goes back to the previous tool. (Again, very useful for flat fills, when you can just hold I, eyedropper a color that you want to fill, then alt-backspace or whatever to fill the selection, then release I and still be in the flood select tool.) That said, these are now just minor annoyances for things that I got very used to in photoshop (and in particular they saved me a lot of time, which is why I got used to using them), and I feel like I can start making my comics again! So again, thank you so much for continually improving Affinity Photo.
  6. I should have mentioned, I'm on MacOS. Thanks, that seems like the right direction. Is there a way to bind a macro to a shortcut key? I'm not finding it, if so, and the whole point to my request was to make this more keyboard-accessible.
  7. Part of my workflow for doing flat fills on comics and the like is to do a magic-wand selection and then to consistently grow my selection by a fixed amount to "bleed" into the line art, usually by 3 px or so. Every time I open the 'grow / shrink' menu it's reset back to 0, however. I would love a way to always grow by the same amount, either by defining a macro that does it by a specific amount or by having the last amount stay active in the dialog box which comes up. Additionally, it would be nice if I could use the tab key or similar to change the focus within the dialog box; currently tab just toggles the UI visibility.
  8. Ah, so it’s basically like a Smart Object in Photoshop? That makes sense. Thanks!
  9. Ah, that makes sense - I was trying to remove the background from an image I’d imported. Is there a way to convert an image layer to a pixel layer? (Also why does Affinity make a distinction between them?)
  10. Hmm, every time I tried layer>delete it always deleted the layer, rather than the selection. Which made sense to me given the menu it was in. Thanks, I’ll try it out. Sounds like there’s a lot of improvements in it.
  11. Hi, I'm moving over to Affinity Photo from Photoshop, which I primarily use for making comics. I was totally sold on the text tool and the quality of the brushes, but now that I'm getting into really using it I'm having trouble finding a couple of equivalents to things I did in Photoshop a lot, specifically being able to clear or fill the pixels which are currently selected. In Photoshop, backspace will delete the pixels that are currently selected (or more precisely set their alpha to 0), and option-backspace will solid-fill the selection with the current foreground color. Both of these are very useful for a bunch of things in drawing. If I could find equivalent commands for this in the menu I'd be able to set my keyboard shortcuts accordingly, but I can't find anything there, and searching on the various phrases I can think of in both the online help and in the forum is turning up nothing. Does Affinity Photo not have these functions? Or are they just called something else that I'm not finding in any of the menus? And, relatedly, is there a way to make the magic wand tool sample from all layers rather than the current layer? The "selection brush" tool does allow that but that doesn't quite serve my needs for doing flat fills in a comic. (Alternately, being able to do a bucket fill that samples all layers would be helpful!) Thanks!