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  1. I uploaded the file, it wasn't without issues because my internet has been really unstable lately, but it is now online.
  2. Hello, I am the creator of the file causing issues to Michael. Since he reported the crash to me, 2 others came forward reporting the same issue. The file opens without issues on the computer it was created on. But It does make Affinity Publisher crash on my laptop. I do not know if it's relevant but the file was created on a Windows 7 computer running Version of Affinity Publisher. I am attaching the .dmp file. 71fd6ba0-a4b6-4601-ad93-c6913abe4f1e.dmp
  3. I agree, column spanning would be a welcome addition!
  4. Indeed, the possibility for the Table of Contents to generate PDF bookmarks from the paragraph style would be an appreciated addition to Publisher.
  5. I hope you don't mind me asking here instead of creating a new thread since it's text wrap related. Is there a way to suppress the text wrap when it's on an hidden layer?
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