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  1. What a Pity, I am quitte happy tou use Publisher. Tagged pdf and pdf bookmarks and it will be perfect
  2. Maybe if all customers ask nicely, serif will add it ?
  3. Hi Don't be Scary I hope Serif will add this feature, but yet you can use a pdf software to add it
  4. Hi Of course we all find some solution to add bookmars on PDF exported whith Affinity Publisher BUT why it should be so complicated? I am very happy of my trial version of Affinity Publisher. I just buy the complete version today Please Serif add this feature as soon as possible, it is sadly missing
  5. Thanks you very mutch for you help I deleted Master C and made another Master C without pictures for checkbox (but glyphes) => It works very weel, thanks a lot
  6. Thanks Yes I made the master page before assigning it to pages 10,11,12 Perhaps I modificate the Master C after assigning it but I don't remember, sorry
  7. Thanks a lot How to turning off preflight ? I create on "image cadre" and use fichier > Placer to make a checkbox. Then I copy it several times and move it to create my master C
  8. I am using the 90 trial version
  9. The issue is not when I open the document I can open it, But i tried to modificate anything and save and then it crash It crash also on antother computeur where I have not the images and the police
  10. It's done Thanks you very much for advance
  11. I just install Affinity Publisher on another compteur and I have the same issue Please help, I cannot use the software anymore
  12. Hi and first of all sorry for my english, I'm French I am a note professionnal tabletop rpg writer and I start the trial of Affinity publisher I already made a document but I have issues with my second document. It worked but now every time I want to save, Affinity crashes. I can do nothing
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