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  1. I just picked up a Monoprice drawing tablet for my PC, which has the Affinity Suite and several other programs on it. So my purchase is decided. What I want to know is what to expect from the combination of software and tablet. How well do the programs get along with tablets? Are there known issues any of the programs has with tablets in general (not necessarily specific makes or models)? are there any specific things not to do if you want things to work? so the question is not whether to get a tablet -- that's decided. The question is whether to use it with Designer and/or Photo or to use some other software for those tasks.
  2. The new update to APub still crashes on that template file, just so you know. And it appears to have been an automatic update -- I was looking for the file from Serif and the program appears to have updated itself. Which is fine. It saves me some trouble.
  3. No, I did not, but then I couldn't find any Serif directories in AppData\Local\Packages. I eventually did, though -- there were quite a few of them in fact. Here is the latest one: 057fc58c-1ac9-4938-8744-919753889784.dmp
  4. I am on Version I wonder if that is the current version and updates automatically. I will send any crash logs I find -- I'm in the folder now. Thank you again for your help.
  5. Windows 10. And it shouldn't surprise me that you couldn't recreate the issue. The publisher of the template said nobody else was having this problem either. I am wondering if there has been an update I missed to Publisher. (and although I bought the ap through Microsoft and it installed in Win10, I do not know if I have support through Serif since it doesn't show in my licenses on your end.) Where would I find the crash log, especially if I'm not entirely sure where the software lives?
  6. Yes, he is the one who referred me to the forum. But he has not heard about this happening to anyone else. It could be that it's a very specialized template that not many people use at the moment. OK.
  7. I have a certain third-party template that I occasionally use for publishing layout. When I open it, it asks me to locate certain links -- but before I can answer the question, Publisher crashes, closing completely. It only happens on this template, and (at least according to the provider) only to me. I am wondering if I need to update Publisher, but apparently I am on the current version.
  8. And I can personally relate to the challenge of locating a good "house style" template, which is what I am looking to do. A layout guy and I have been collaborating on my imprint's first module and I like some of the design decisions, especially regarding fonts, and would rather not have to start over on my next project. What I'm wondering is whether preferences of that sort ("I use this font for this type of text -- always", or "When I place text into my document, this is what I want it to looks li8ke:) can be readily saved for reuse without leading to difficulties. I have something that works. Now I want to take advantage of it and use it again with much less effort the second time.
  9. If you are in fact writing RPG books, there is an Affinity template available from the DM Guild website. It's designed to lay out books for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (the current one) but it includes a lot of what you need to lay out any RPG book (though you might want to adjust the fonts and the like). It is reportedly still a work in progress.
  10. Has a template database of sorts been set up for AP yet, or is it still too soon? The reason I ask is that I have roleplaying gamebooks to lay out for PDF publishing/Print-on-Demand and need all the hand-holding the program can offer to get the earlier attempts right.
  11. In the US, some book publishers in niche markets (like comics and tabletop gaming) use a format called Digest. I don't see Digest listed as an option, so what extant format in AP comes closest? The dimensions are 14 cm × 21 cm, about the size of a DVD case. Also, what would people recommend when it comes to a print format for a book that is smaller than Letter but built around USA standards? Is there anything coming close enough that Print-on-Demand in the US would be able to handle it?
  12. This is related to the question I posted earlier on PDF import (which was very helpful, by the way -- thanks) and involves the same template I purchased from the DM Guild. it is designed to match suitable content to suitable fonts, including specific background layers built for various types of D&D-related project files. Thing is I don't know where these files live for purposes of AP locating and importing them. Is there a specific place or directory where background files related to a template like this one need to go in order for AP to locate them easily?
  13. Windows 10, current build (as far as I know). I am planning to use a template specifically designed for Dungeons and Dragons modules (from the Dungeon Master's Guild publishing house for third-party official material). The reason I am thinking about this pasting job is that I want to be able to grab official-format stat blocks (the list of attributes for a specific character/creature/etc.) for things I build there are several websites that offer this in official formatting, including one run by Wizards of the Coast themselves) and then put them directly into my pages (because the formatting for these blocks is very tricky for a new user). Would converting those PDFs into a TIFF or PNG file, so they can be placed as a picture, be at all possible or beneficial?
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