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  1. Has a template database of sorts been set up for AP yet, or is it still too soon? The reason I ask is that I have roleplaying gamebooks to lay out for PDF publishing/Print-on-Demand and need all the hand-holding the program can offer to get the earlier attempts right.
  2. In the US, some book publishers in niche markets (like comics and tabletop gaming) use a format called Digest. I don't see Digest listed as an option, so what extant format in AP comes closest? The dimensions are 14 cm × 21 cm, about the size of a DVD case. Also, what would people recommend when it comes to a print format for a book that is smaller than Letter but built around USA standards? Is there anything coming close enough that Print-on-Demand in the US would be able to handle it?
  3. Knowing it is possible is enough. Thank you!
  4. This is related to the question I posted earlier on PDF import (which was very helpful, by the way -- thanks) and involves the same template I purchased from the DM Guild. it is designed to match suitable content to suitable fonts, including specific background layers built for various types of D&D-related project files. Thing is I don't know where these files live for purposes of AP locating and importing them. Is there a specific place or directory where background files related to a template like this one need to go in order for AP to locate them easily?
  5. Windows 10, current build (as far as I know). I am planning to use a template specifically designed for Dungeons and Dragons modules (from the Dungeon Master's Guild publishing house for third-party official material). The reason I am thinking about this pasting job is that I want to be able to grab official-format stat blocks (the list of attributes for a specific character/creature/etc.) for things I build there are several websites that offer this in official formatting, including one run by Wizards of the Coast themselves) and then put them directly into my pages (because the formatting for these blocks is very tricky for a new user). Would converting those PDFs into a TIFF or PNG file, so they can be placed as a picture, be at all possible or beneficial?
  6. Just got Publisher over the weekend to be the DTP client for a one-man game publisher. I specialize in role-playing games, and am currently working on a book for Dungeons & Dragons' current edition. There are several web apps that do the formatting work for characters, monsters, items and the like. They export to PDF, and ideally, I would like to not have to mess with their formatting and keep the image of the PDF intact. Problem being that I don't think Publisher supports that functionality. I wonder if there is a workaround like converting the file to .TIF or a similar graphics format, which could then be read as an illustration in Publisher. But where and how does one do that?