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  1. PLUS ONE for this, web browsers will support this from September and I would love to convert all online images to this as it stands an AVIF image of the same quality is 10 times smaller than a jpg and that would super speed up any webpages which will effect google seo rankings.
  2. Sorry I am not able to check on the crash dump at the moment, got a few deadlines to meet 1st, hopefully then I can try it again. I just wanted to add that the only place it crashes is in the text styles view not in the edit popup as Florian has experienced. So if I scroll the text styles with the mouse it will crash when I get towards the bottom, but in the exact same section under character it will not crash. Or if I try change the hierarchical view. I am managing to get work done now as long as I don't do either of those 2 things.
  3. Hi There thanks for that option, I tried it and unfortunately it is still happening.
  4. Thanks I did that with same issue, I also completely uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version but it still happens. I updated all of my drivers and made sure win10 was up to date. What next?
  5. Any time I select text styles, If I click hierarchical toggle affinity publisher fault.mp4 the program crashes every time. If I have it set to show hierarchical before opening any file, even a new blank file it will crash immediately. If I scroll with the mouse scroll inside the text styles window, even if hierarchical is not set, It will crash immediately. If I don't do any of the above sometimes I can try work with text styles, But I am not quite sure they are working properly. This all means that for me I simply cant use Publisher for anything serious and I am most frustrated and miles behind my work now. 1. I am using the latest version 2. I can reproduce it like clockwork... see attached video 3. Yes it happens for a new document. 4. a. I am using Win10 latest update on a Hp Zbook. other details are attached. A personal reply and a heads up on when this is likely to be sorted would really be appreciated.
  6. I am having the same problem, any time in text styles if I click the hierarchical toggle it freezes, instantly and I have to go to task manager to end task and restart. Theres probably other places it freezes in side text styles but that one is guaranteed to make it hang.
  7. I really think this needs to be a feature, its not right we have to find other software to do this which I still haven't yet managed to find one. Foxit reader will let you do it one at a time which = very time consuming. It would be much better to generate it from the hyperlinks in the TOC. The other missing aspect is importing of hyperlinks with a pdf.. Please work on adding these aspects.
  8. It is a major selling point, that's why! If you are comparing products that can edit import and export pdf's all the competition has this feature. adobe acrobat, Pdf architect, pdfelement etc etc. affinity publisher will not compete with these without it.
  9. Hi there I found this thread through a google search. This is the exact problem I am having. The above fix worked for me to. I am using version
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