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  1. I have tried 7-8 commands and none are working. I'm sure they are not bound to anything else. I've tried all kinds of modifier combinations too...
  2. This is in the shortcuts but everything I try to bind to it doesn't work. I can navigate to the "View-Show/hide Left (right) Studio" and click it. This hides or shows it. None of the keyboard commands I have tried to assign will work.
  3. I figured out that if you group the image and the live filter and then use the groups blend adjust it works as the tutorial video shows. The last video was with the Beta. So is this. It works my way in either version. Solution.mp4
  4. That's not working either and it's the same in the Beta. Just tried it. Issue.mp4
  5. Apparently it works with the regular filter. Just not the live filter layer version.
  6. Great workaround. I was able to do a transparent rectangle and then create the mask gradient that I wanted then save it. Then, on my mask layer i just re-apllied the preset. We should be able to access the mask gradient AFTER leaving it though. Workaround.mp4
  7. I’m following along with the tutorial about the Displace filter and I’m not getting the functionality that it shows in the video. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/309468388 When I get to 1:45 the blend option does nothing. I’ve re-created the example exactly to no success. Any suggestions? I'm on a Mac BTW Displace_Issue.mp4
  8. I was having this issue as well. Create a mask layer, add a complex gradient with multiple handles, then go about your work. If you then need to change the gradient you have to re-create it from scratch. We need a way to access the gradient mask again if we want to edit it. Having to go through complex gradient setups all over again is very time consuming. Another option would be to have gradient presets in the gradient menu. Then you could set up a complex gradient, save it as a gradient preset, and just apply it again when you create the new gradient and tweak from there...
  9. They already have this functionality when you try to install a Style that's already installed. They just need to implement it on the brushes too.
  10. We need to be able to install Assets & Brushes to one location and then access them all in all 3 apps. Having 3 copies and taking up extra room on the HD is silly. We could have a manger for each app to enable/disable them but one install location. Also, you wouldn't have to go through the process of installing them 3 times.
  11. PDF Element is great for this. Batch conversion, OCR text from images, Lots of cool features. I had their PDF X-Change on Windows and I used it all the time. Such a time saver. Auto Page links too.
  12. Even a simple window to batch delete/sort brushes would be nice. Currently they appear in whatever order they were installed. If you want to get rid of a bunch of collections you have to go one at a time with a lot of clicking. A drag and drop window for batch moving brushes to other collections would be nice too I agree though that a collections functionality would be a good start.
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