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  1. gizmo2501

    Setup failed

    Hi Callum, Unfortunately, when trying to run the command, it says
  2. Hi Gabe, Apologies, I didn't keep the file where it was an issue on export. But I'll keep an eye out for it in the future and send over the file if/when it happens again! Is there any news on when the visual artefact will be fixed? It's a tad annoying, as I have to keep checking if the artefact is present or not when working on my images - it makes it not trustworthy!
  3. gizmo2501

    Setup failed

    Hi all. Unfortunately, I also have this problem updating to What is the best way to get the update installed? Creating a new user account? Am I able to delete the user account after?
  4. Apologies if this is a really basic question and an easy fix, I am just learning Designer, and can't seem to find a way! I have a curve layer that I gave a stroke to. It is set to just have a standard line at the start and the end. My problem is there is a big gap between the start and end point, and I can't find a way for it to be filled (effectively so the stroke has no end). I have this same problem in another image where I used the Ellipse tool, gave it a stroke, and then a gap was left at the top of the circle. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  5. I am having a problem with the latest version of Affinity Photo for Windows ( Previously, when importing an image from the Stock image browser, the image loaded almost instantly. Now, the image takes roughly 2 minutes to load, if at all. Most of the time, it freezes Affinity Photo and I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and restart.
  6. Yes. it would be good to get, say, a 1/4 size of the screen as a preview, for example.
  7. Yes. And, to be clear, it's not just a transparent 1 pixel wide border around the whole image. If you have images within the canvas, any of those images could have transparent borders around them, too.
  8. Firstly, I LOVE the new (at least, I think it's new) stock image browser. It is incredibly helpful and has cut workflow time down so much for some things I do. So thank you for adding it! I would love it if there was a way to make the stock images bigger, though, as they are pretty small at the moment. Obviously having all images bigger would increase the loading time and strain on servers, so I am thinking maybe it would be good to have it work whereby if you click the image or hover over it for a certain amount of time, it would open a bigger preview in a pop-out window, or something. Thanks again for adding this great feature!
  9. I have created a new thread, here - Also, to note: I have noticed that when I export images, sometimes this transparent border is baked in to the image, whereas, before, I thought it was just a visual issue.
  10. As per the pre-1.7 thread here - All images get a transparent border. The issue of the previous thread remains - that when you zoom in and out, at certain zoom levels, images within a file get transparent borders of a pixel or two, making it seem as though images are not correctly placed. It was originally thought that this transparent border was a visual issue only, but I have noticed upon exporting images that sometimes the transparency is baked in to the exported file. Sometimes it is not. So there may be two issues, here.
  11. Yes, I think it is transparent actually. I have instances where I have coloured background layers and those colours pop through when they shouldn't. It may be related, but I also have instances where I have solid images which are not intended to have any transparency, but the edge pixels are partially transparent, creating an almost bevel effect and revealing layers below.
  12. Hi Gabe. Sure! Please find attached a quick video of it happening. The image has no white border, yet when zoomed to certain levels, you can see a white border appear at the top and to the left hand side. Hope it helps! Let me know if you need anything else. Affinity Photo 12_04_2019 2_09_11 PM.mp4
  13. There is a bug in the latest Affinity Photo on PC whereby all images either get a border added or any images underneath the top layer show through when at certain zoom levels. I.e., I have an image whereby I have one layer over the top of another. It fully covers the layer below. But when zoomed to certain levels, the image below displays for roughly 1 or 2 pixels at the top of the image. The image exports correctly (i.e., you can't see the layer underneath), but in Affinity photo, the layer below displays when between 97% zoom and 60%. Then again at 50% - 30%. Example 2. If I have an image with no layers underneath, then I get a border of 1 or 2 pixels at these zoom levels. I.e., it is not at every zoom level, but at some, and the image exports correctly without a border. The border can be on any side, but usually shows up on the top or left side of an image. This is quite a problem because visually an image looks wrong until you export, and you cannot tell if it is a bug or you have an alignment issue until you look at the exported image. This happens with every single image.
  14. I am trying to have an outer shadow that is white in colour. I can set an outer shadow to any colour other than white and see it correctly, yet when I try and make the outer shadow white, it disappears completely. Affinity Photo Windows 10
  15. gizmo2501

    Brush won't reset to default

    I also have this bug on Windows. Actually, reset buttons across Affinity Photo don't do anything at all, not just in this brush area. Pretty bad this has not been fixed since 2017.