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  1. hi It would be useful to be able to use ALT+CLICK to dropper the color when using the fill tool. This feature has been introduced in most painting software. Thank you.
  2. I looked and couldn't find a way to change the ALT+Left/Right drag in Affinity to the same CTRL+ALT+drag as the other paint software. ALT + left/right dragging on a pen tablet is very difficult. thanks
  3. Thank you very much. I'm using the Japanese version and I don't speak English. I think the automatic translation is a mistranslation. The other day, some people who bought AffinityPhoto for drawing were talking about the inconvenience of using the fill tool with ALT+click in japan big BBS..  The eyedropper with ALT + click during the fill is introduced to various paint tools, and it thought that there was no reason why it could not be done, and tried it, but it could not be done. That's why I wrote it in the sense that there might be an alternative method, but I don't think it's being conveyed well by automatic translation by AI... >>You can submit a request in the relevant forum section. This section of the forum is for questions, not requests If it doesn't have a feature, maybe a request would be good. thank s.
  4. In the Fill tool, the eyedropper (ALT + left click) does not work. I think you should be able to do the same with ALT+Left Click Eyedropper as you would with a paintbrush, because it's inconvenient to repeat the fill with continuous eyedropping. thank you.
  5. It feels very good to draw in AffinityPhoto. However, I will write down the features and requests that would be useful to have. (1) I want the ability to paint even if there is a gap. (2) I want the name of the brush to always appear.
  6. ALT + right click + left click while dragging left and right size, up and down and hardness can be changed, but the combination of the right click in the pen tablet, because I think it is hard to input, most paint tools (Painter, ClipStudioPaint, rebbele, paintStormStudio, FireAlpaca ...) and the same CTRL + ALT + drag can not be changed? The '[]'' shortcut key is difficult to use if the brush size is large...
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