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  1. I think he did very well and was not in a real hurry He better was "a bit" nervous given this optotunity lol If you want to see ash on fire you should watch the last AD video where he goes over the feature of AD 1.5, that was a legit pace Here is the WWDC talk for reference https://youtu.be/ChLfAPq5bVU
  2. I would actually like to know how you produced the video cause it crashes realiably on two macs on every document in every version since the update :D but anyhow Hope to get some other things done on the mac version as well now that the iPad is out and alive I hope productivity on mac (and windows) can improve https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31440-feedback-ap-is-a-good-software/?p=152399 It also crashes the iPad for what it is worth Cheers
  3. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26512-perspective-on-embedded-doc-promovid/?p=127566 It still does not work though, reported last year Cheers
  4. I'm confident it actually is just "you probably pushed some tones heavily (like cyan in one and blue in another direction) and therefore artificially increased the difference between two similar colors thus you now see issues, which were not noticeable before " if you want to read up and get going, besides the official tutorials, this compilation may be useful to you https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37125-ap-ad-beginner-amateur-pro/ Affinity does give good results with JPG, it just gives you a lot more ways to mess up your photo than Apple Photos (as you said, the sliders have more range e.g.), on the other hand it also has many more ways to improve your photo there really is not much to dither in this case, not much AP can do for you except just keeping the sliders position moderate yourself with great power....comes a great learning curve, keep going/ asking/ trying cheers
  5. Can you post complete side by side pictures of affinity / Apple, is the contrast/ tonality the same in both or does Apple maybe have a different default black/ white look/ adjustment? Have you modified the sliders of the black and white adjustment in affinity?
  6. what you are seeing are (most likely) results of a bad quality source like a jpg you probably pushed some tones heavily (like cyan in one and blue in another direction) and therefore artificially increased the difference between two similar colors thus you now see issues, which were not noticeable before Solution: use RAW images or make sane adjustments :D
  7. This thread pretty much covers it https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41089-affinity-photo-for-ipad-feedback/?p=206567 Short summary is: they are looking into it and will enable handoff as soon as Apple gets their stuff done
  8. no this app is pretty much a hoax Readdle Documents does all this already and even more, the only thing they added is drag and drop which Readdle already does between their Apps as well in iOS 10 in Readdle Dcuments you can even zip/ unzip archives and sync cloud folders selectively and decide when to sync Apple Files merely provides more than a grid view and tags. Even an advanced list view with multiple columns/ hierarchy levels like on the Mac is not implemented as far as I've seen or other Apps that already exist that let you connect to network drives via SMB or sth. you can save PDFs or others files into Documents just the same as you can into iCloudDrive in iOS10 and just like Files in iOS 11
  9. I remember they said everything would be compatible Those .heif files will probably not float around outside of the internals of their OS more talk about it https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14489987
  10. It would be cool some day to have like two tools at the same time Paint with pencil Smudge with finger Or paint with pencil Erase with finger Or dodge with pencil Burn with finger (although that might be a bit weird) Or set clone source with hand Move clone target with pencil Or in the pen tool Draw with the pencil Make the finger act like a node tool Cheers
  11. You have to be quiete old though and even there I think there are not too complicated hacks to enable it https://github.com/dokterdok/Continuity-Activation-Tool/wiki/Compatibility(Not tested it) So most after 2008 can easily be upgraded by just a Bluetooth dongle If your mac is older than 8 years chances are you do not require much speed anyway
  12. I actually think having the filters and adjustments on the right side is better for the same reason as having the bottom part on the left is bad (you cannot see the image anymore), tools on the left make sense cause they are only accessed once while filters are evaluated/ changed based on their affect on the image (on the other hand a pro might just pick the right one and go) Anyhow, propalby custumisation and custom reordering will come in a future update and this bottom thing will probably not stay like it is, e.g. for apply image this thing is 100% unusable complicated ABC very much true, but handoff is the new way of doing this without a cable ;) (except for windows users)
  13. It is called a 'skin', protects iPads and MacBook very well :D @RHiNO that ain't gonna fly, on 9inch and especially with larger adjustment panels of some tools And if you access these controls with your right hand like most do, you actually not only block the adjustments but block your whole image
  14. "Soldered RAM is not a problem because you can always upgrade the memory later by just buying a new Mac. #Apple" https://twitter.com/JonyIveParody/status/872088416061710337 - same goes for iPads ;)
  15. @Peter > It would be good to have a setting that switches the Adjustment and Filter studio panels to a simple list or icon view, Maybe you knew already but I just noticed that you can tap onto the *adjustment* text and thus get a list view, and actually also see the presets for each category, really well done by the affinity guys Now I have to say I really hope the mac app gets polished again :D https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31440-feedback-ap-is-a-good-software/?p=152399
  16. You can use QuickTime player on mac to record the screen of the iPad (in case you die not find out already) In iOS11 there is also a built in command to do it locally Cheers
  17. Aaaah Tap the three dots next to the personas while beeing in the selection persona Thanks Maybe change the naming to quick mask? Seems a bit weird to me as is "If you think something is not in the app, chances are you just missed it and it is already there ;)"
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