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  1. I still use Aperture which I really like for 95% of my workflow but I realize that I need to replace it eventually. I simply do not like LR or Capture 1 and do not want to get stuck on a subscription based app. Apple Photos is simply junk and would never consider it. Ill wait until I see something I like and originally thought AP included a Dam, hopefully one is in the works.
  2. Thanks, I figured that out. I've since read here that a Dam is in the works and hope to see it released soon.
  3. Hi, I just installed a trial of Affinity Photo and it seems very capable, however, my existing photo libraries contain many thousands of images. I looked at a tutorial and in it an image was found and opened in a simple document file. Is that the only option? I had no clue about the scope of AP other than its editing functions and that it was considered an Adobe liberator but I think I can see where there is no file management system in this app. If I'm wrong please enlighten me but tell me how and where you import your files and what you do to catalog them. Thanks
  4. Billtils, I would very much like a less "arty" and more functional version of AP and I think the developers will miss an opportunity to create something "different". The fact that AP is a Mac exclusive app lured me into it in the hopes that it had some Mac savvy but upon close inspection it looks disappointingly like all the rest in Photoshop, C1-8 etc. It does not utilize the Mac smart mouse or trackpad capabilities and the interface is not fluid. I do not want to learn a new language when using software as one often does with Adobe, however, with AP is yet another variation on a theme rather than something really unique. I found nothing in AP that is better than any other app, nothing. I have found many things not as good as other apps though. To say that AP should not be everything to everyone is understood but I can guarantee you that they did not consult photographers with serious workflows. If their market was amateurs, then they have succeeded. I do hope however that the developers are listening to guys like me that need real working software. So far I can say unequivocally, that AP fails very short for most pros,
  5. I was initially excited about AP, however, it's not working for me and how I previously used Aperture 3. I 'm a wildlife photographer and need better tools, more tools and more efficient tools to effectively edit my images. I should point out that I can edit most of my images better and quicker in Aperture so AP for my workflow would be very limited, however my hopes were that AP could have been so much better and a viable alternative to Aperture's editing features and for this reason I'm being critical of AP interface. The lack of selective editing brushes is in itself almost a deal breaker for me. I realize it's in beta but I would assume also that what we are currently using will not significantly change. My initial hope and wishful thinking was that this would become more Apple Aperture (editing) like but it's now clear to me that is is simply a streamlined version of Photoshop. Little things like adjustment window modules... To save an edit, one must click merge on the far left rather than, imo, the intuitive way would be on the far right or simply press return."Merge'? Why so cutesy? Sorry but save would be so much better. Little things like this make a huge difference when I have hundreds of images to process. In my workflow I edit animals and mainly birds. The sharpen/unsharpen brush does not do it for me. The lack of "Definition" like adjustments is yet another deal breaker for me. The over complicated and virtually meaningless "More" window module and the General, Dynamics, and Texture are, well again making a simple thing unnecessarily complex and oh so much like PS. The masking mode simply does not work well enough for me. I have used and will continue to use Perfect Photo Suite 8, Perfect Mask or even CS6. For me the masking refine mode does not work well enough for me capture fine detail nor does the add/delete brush work very well for me. Again remember I don't mask out sharp contrasts for which any masking tool word work Why not something simple and hugely effective like Aperture sharpening brush and with the adjustment slider, same as with many editing tools in Aperture, Shadows, Highlights, etc etc etc. If i'm sounding critical, I am as I need efficiency not eye-candy nor reinventing intuitive terminology. All this editing should be simple and straightforward but it's not working for me. I understand that perhaps for landscapes or other genres it could work. I miss all those Aperture editing tools and their link with adjustment sliders. The ability to readjust selective edits at anytime in the future is as in Aperture is hard for me to lose. Yes, I understand that AP is not a File Management/editing but why not? As a standalone basic photo editor and at a reasonable price point, It can be useful to some ,however, unless it resembles the effective and intuitive Apple IU it is just another photoshop alternative.
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    Hi, I'm Pete Dubaj a photographer. I'm looking with interest the new beta Affinity Photo. I use Apple Aperture as my primary file management & photo editing software. I was very disappointed when Apple announced they are ending support for Aperture. For me it was & is the best for my workflow. I especially like the editing brushes which I think are still the best. I've been using Affinity Photo for the past week and although I understand it is in beta and will not fret over obvious missing beta features and beta quirks. I would really like to see support for the mac mighty mouse or trackpad in being able to adjust the size of the brushes. Common now, to utilize an age old adobe keystroke seems a bit dated not to mention time consuming. I'm hoping this will be featured in the final release. I'm having to learn some of the nomenclature of AP so it's been somewhat slow in understanding all the features and functions. I will say I like the interface but would most likely week it if it was mine to redo. The brushes as somewhat troublesome to me in that I can't see the hardness. I think it should be like Aperture. Well I just realized this was supposed to be an intro not a critique so I'll end it here but look forward to seeing AP developed into a final version. Thanks, Pete http://www.peterdubajphotography.com