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  1. This happens for me too. I copied a symbol from one doc to another (not the artboard) and the app crashed each time I tried.
  2. I thought turning off the Auto Scrolling stopped layers automatically expanding to show you every individual shape on the layers?
  3. Hi MEB! Thanks. Ah ok great. I saw that but wasn't sure if that's what it did, then got sidetracked. Also thanks for answer number 2. Good to know. All the best, Ed
  4. Hi all, I've been trialling Designer for a while now and have two questions: 1) I found that each individual object ('curve') appears on it's own sub-layer when you click on the main layer. Adobe Illustrator also allows you to see each individual shape, but the layer doesn't automatically open up / expand revealing all components every time you click it. Working on files with lots of objects can be very cumbersome having to scroll lots and close the layer again. Is there any way to disable this feature? 2) When applying strokes to objects, is there any way to alter the stroke like in Adobe Illustrator so that the stroke fits into / caps the corners? We do a lot of diagrams for architecture / urban design and this feature makes dashed lines look a lot neater (as would adding arrow heads!) Thanks in advance!
  5. Yep, I'd definitely go for this too. We'd be able to run our business entirely from iPad Pro with Publisher for iOS and be able to leave the Adobe ecosystem for good!
  6. Ah no, sorry, I meant that if you import / link multiple instances of a Designer file into Publisher and, for example, stack those instances on top of each other on the same page (let's say you have an artboard with a face on and another artboard with a moustache on and you overlay them), in the layers panel can you rename the file or give it a tag or something do it's easy to select the right instance of the imported Designer file?
  7. Ok thanks Gabe. Yes it would definitely be great to have shared layers between artboards and to be able to toggle their visibility when linked in to Publisher. For now, a workaround could be making an artboard with all the common features throughout the document, and just copy and paste duplicates on top of this in publisher then changing their visible artboard. Can linked files be re-named or 'tagged' at all? Thanks again, Ed
  8. Hi all! I’ll cut to the chase. I make customisable kid’s books - currently with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Right now, the child’s character is an Illustrator file placed at multiple points throughout an InDesign document (the book) and I go through and change layer visibility (annoyingly I have to do this manually on each page) depending on the visual options selected. Finding and replacing text is easy. I’ve been trialling Designer and the Publisher beta and am really impressed, but I have a question for those more in the know: Is there a quick way to choose which layers in an imported linked file into Publisher are on / off? So far I’ve been clicking to edit the linked file from within Publisher but if, for example, I wanted to switch on a particular hair style and colour layer, I’d have to do this for each artboard, defeating the object of saving time. Throughout the book, the character might change clothes so I’ve used artboards to different but was hoping common layers like skin, hair, eyes etc. could be shared and quickly switched on / off for everything quickly. It looks like artboards in Designer are like a traditional group and a Designer file with multiple artboards doesn’t share layers. Is there any way to change this or another way of doing things / thinking about this? My initial thinking / solution: Tweak my Designer file so it has an artboard for all common features needed on each page and other artboards for other layers that only need to be visible on certain pages? This way, I could place a Designer file a few times in the same location in Publisher and have different layers on / off overlaid on each other. Seems a bit of a clunky workaround though. Publisher question (sorry, wrong forum but related to this): when you import multiple instances of a Designer file and want to be able to play with its layer visibilities throughout, can you set some layer overrides in some instances of an imported file and not others? Thanks so much in advance (and sorry for the long post! Just really like Affinity and want to change over!).
  9. Hi all, Sorry for being slow! Just to clarify, does it not matter if I purchase through Affinity or Apple App Store if I intend to use the software on my iMac or MacBook? I've downloaded the trials / betas direct from here but just wanted to check. Thanks, Ed
  10. Hi all, Quick question here. It's about Publisher, so hope this is in the right area of the forums. Right now I make customisable kid's books in Adobe InDesign with linked graphics (characters in the story) from Adobe Illustrator (lots of layers and options etc.). I am testing Affinity (extremely impressed so far!) and I have found that I can instead save that AI artwork as a PDF, import it into Affinity Designer whereby I save it in that format and then import / place it into Publisher. So far so good. One great, albeit simple, thing I have found Publisher does that InDesign can't do is that, for the same imported file (the same character in the book) I can update layers (in my case, the appearance of various characters in the book) and it applies it throughout the whole book. InDesign makes me to this manually on every instance of that imported / linked graphic. My question is, is this an intentional feature of Publisher? I hope someone can confirm that it is because this would be a key reason bringing me over from Adobe and would save a lot of time! Cheers, Ed
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