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Hi all,

Quick question here. It's about Publisher, so hope this is in the right area of the forums.

Right now I make customisable kid's books in Adobe InDesign with linked graphics (characters in the story) from Adobe Illustrator (lots of layers and options etc.). I am testing Affinity (extremely impressed so far!) and I have found that I can instead save that AI artwork as a PDF, import it into Affinity Designer whereby I save it in that format and then import / place it into Publisher. So far so good.

One great, albeit simple, thing I have found Publisher does that InDesign can't do is that, for the same imported file (the same character in the book) I can update layers (in my case, the appearance of various characters in the book) and it applies it throughout the whole book. InDesign makes me to this manually on every instance of that imported / linked graphic.

My question is, is this an intentional feature of Publisher? I hope someone can confirm that it is because this would be a key reason bringing me over from Adobe and would save a lot of time!



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