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  1. Please add me to this request!! Allow option to disable magnifying glass. It may be useful on very small screens, but on larger screens it blocks the view of path while adjusting. Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to turn off the magnifying glass when using the edit node tool? On a 12.9 inch iPad it just gets in the way when trying to edit a path. thanks,
  3. DOn't know if this has been reported but I am seeing text flowing outside the container/frame
  4. I am aware, but thanks for the reply, unfortunately going into System Prefs to turn scrolling off each time you want to run Publisher isn't a productive solution. The other controls in prefs don't change the issue of unintentionally modifying a setting like leading or point size, they just slow it down. The various panels in Publisher already have both up/down arrows and pop-ups for changing things like point size, IMHO we don't need the auto scrolling—better to handle it in the application where it can be left turned off if it is a problem.
  5. Thanks, I will check it out.
  6. For lack of a better term, 'Auto Scrolling' — the feature that lets your finger on the Magic Mouse scroll within tool fields should be turned off when a Magic Mouse is being used. With a scroll wheel or other physical object for scrolling on a windows mouse it works fine, but with the Mac mouse, it is so sensitive it is useless for this and just causes problems when moving over these fields with the pointer by inadvertently changing the selections as the pointer passes over if there is any slight finger movement.
  7. There doesn’t seem to be any way to turn guides and frames on and off, should be addressed. Hopefully with keyboard shortcut. Looked in help but nothing came up.
  8. Started to update from Apple Store but then indicated an error occurred. Designer shows it is being updated in Finder File List (shows progress bar) but nothing going on. Can't launch. Running OS10 Mavericks.