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  1. ... And while you're there, don't forget to look at this one. I wonder if this is some form of insult in vernacular of peacocks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/144281737@N07/39932246113/in/dateposted/
  2. Yes John, each flamingo had a metal band above it's knee. See here. BTW: This photo needs editing yet for another reason. (LOL)... https://www.flickr.com/photos/144281737@N07/33021567168/in/album-72157706239377544/
  3. Here's a handful of the latest shots from a trip yesterday to the Baltimore zoo. It was clear cold day with temperatures just a little below freezing. Skies had some clouds that often broke-up the harshness of the sun. All photos processed with Affinity (and a couple were done with the Beta release software). Perspective was adjusted on the conservatory building. ID bands were removed from the flamingo's leg. Tone enhancement on the Cheetah... All of these are from RAW images. For me, productivity is good with Affinity and except for fixing touching-up the flamingo leg, these only
  4. Yes, and if Affinity wants to include a package that serves as a bridge, sure, that's OK. I just hope that the bridge tool does not have editing capabilities similar to the products that are being bridged. In summary, there was too much feature-overlap between Aftershop and PaintShop Pro.
  5. Here is a comparison: I presume you are you familiar with "Swiss Army Knives". The are big cumbersome pocket knives with a great many blades that serve different features. They have screwdrivers, toothpicks, tweezers, combs, spoons, forks -and all kinds of individually useful things -that are packaged in a way to make them unusable. I hope that does not happen to Affinity. Ray
  6. When going from one tool to the other, which often required converting a particular image to different file types (such as JPG, TIFF etc) the EXIF data would get damaged. Sometimes, pure rubbish would be introduced into the EXIF data, sometimes the fields would get merged etc... Also, the same image, viewed under the same level of magnification, sometimes did not render with the same clarity between the two tools. The colors were the same but, there was noticeable differences in image detail and clarity. I found numerous other minor and moderate bugs in the Corel software -but they we
  7. It would be nice if this could be supported.... A high resolution RAW image from a Lumix G9 (P1000711.RW2) was just added to the drop-box. The Raw Developer tool currently does not recognize this file type and displays it as scattered pixels. Ray
  8. A couple months ago, I first started doing digital image processing. Adobe's subscription-based service was a show-stopper. I started using Corel's Paintshop and Aftershot. It confused and frustrated me. I had to switch back & forth between two tools -and then came the integration bugs (which I won't discuss unless someone wants to hear about them). Corel's integrated file/image management feature was a bloated monster that created all kinds of confusion about which images existed and where they truly resided. Yes, they got their money out of me by making me purchase 2 package
  9. Oh, BTW: The twisty vine is only about 3 inches (~8.5cm) from the bottom to where it intersects the diagonal twig with buds on it. The little loop at the bottom is about 3/4" (~2cm) in diameter. It's a wee little thing and in the summertime, tiny hummingbirds perch on branches like that. If I somehow manage to get a photo that close-up of a hummingbird using a macro lens, I suspect there will be a Pulizter prize in store for me . Ray
  10. Thank you John! The lens is a Leica (made for Panasonic) DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm F2.8 (the camera is a Panasonic/Lumix G9). The shot was at f4.5, 1/200, ISO 200. A tripod was needed because the subject distance was about 30cm (1ft) or so. [FYI: The camera is a 4:3 sensor format, the crop factor is 2x so, the equivalent focal length is 90mm]. I needed f4.5 on this shot to force the image to have two focus zones through the image plane. I tried to re-position for a 3rd focal point but, it didn't work out. BTW: The curly twig is from a wisteria bush in front of my house.
  11. Thank you for the kind words. -Much appreciated! I'm enjoying digital photography. No chemicals, or countless hours in the darkroom. I am spending a good bit of time at the computer learning this new software though Ray
  12. This is the first picture I attempted to post-process using Affinity Photo. This was finished a couple hours after loading the Demo software. I'm fairly new to digital photography editing and only used some other software for a couple weeks. When I discovered Affinity and loaded the Demo software, it seemed just perfect and immediately, I wanted to start learning the keyboard shortcut keys. This picture is not very creative and the image was captured in a few moments in front of my house just to test a new macro lens. The background blur (bokeh) is totally natural from the lens. T
  13. Hello... Three sets of RAW/JPG images were posted from a Lumix G9 (RW2 file extension). Plenty more of all kinds of scenes if you need them... Regards Ray C.
  14. Hi... I'm Ray C and wish to thank the folks responsible for creating Affinity Photo. What a wonderful breath of fresh air! The software has great features without being bloated. The videos available on YouTube are relevant, clear, concise and address all the right topics. Great Job! Thank you! I'm not new to photography and spent a few decades using 35mm, medium format and large format cameras. In the last few years, I've used some "OK but not great" digital cameras but now I have a "nice" digital camera. I tried several software packages with OK results but, Affinity just steal
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