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APub - dropped paragraph

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5 hours ago, mykee said:

Yes, zone is huge, because developers said: set this parameter to big size, if I need no hyphenation at last line at end of column. I suggested to developers, need an option: no wrap for last word of column, but said this trick. But paragraph dropped... 

The zone is so large it incorporates not only the 3 line paragraph but up into the preceding one. It doesn't need to be longer than a long word. I doubt you have a word at that point size 80 mm in length. 

Note, I do not believe even a large setting should cross a paragraph boundary but it appears to do just that. If not a bug then I suspect it is unintended behavior. @Dave Harris

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There's a bug in how the Column end zone interacts with the flow options, in this case the widow and orphan control. That's what causes an extra line to be moved -  and then the short paragraphs mean that more lines get moved to avoid widows and orphans. This will be fixed in 1.8 (but the fix may not make the next beta).

The Column end zone doesn't extend past the last line (or paragraph boundary), so it should be safe to set to a large value. The reason it is a value rather than a checkbox is that if the text engine is not allowed to hyphenate a very long word, you may end up with a last line that is either very loose or very ragged. Sometimes a hyphen may be the lesser of evils.


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On 10/11/2019 at 9:00 PM, walt.farrell said:

I noticed something odd.

If I place the cursor at the end of the last visible text on page 1, and press Enter to begin a new paragraph, I get Arial font and [No Style] as the paragraph style, rather than the Times New Roman and Normal paragraph style that I expected. I deleted that paragraph break.

That's because the Normal style has its Next style set to [No Style]. I'm not getting the hidden control characters.

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1 hour ago, Dave Harris said:

I'm not seeing that behaviour with the file attached. Are you sure you didn't set the frame to be Justify Vertically?

Oh, indeed – I just checked my file again where I had cut/copy/pasted the entire text via a txt editor. Yes, in my .afpub this text frame is set to justify vertically – I wonder how because for this test I had intended to cut & copy/paste only. I just tried again and now neither the elastic behavior does occur nor the the last paragraph flow from pg 1 to pg 2 doesn't differ from the original .afpub (as I had reported different above) – Sorry for my kind of useless posts, and thank you, Dave, for clarifying.

macOS 10.14.6 | MacBookPro Retina 15" | Eizo 27" | Affinity V1 only

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