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Ipad pencil colour picker tool issues

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Hi, I’m having two issues with the colour picker tool on my iPad Pro 12in while using an Apple Pencil.

Firstly, the pencil is not selecting the colour I choose; ie, I select the tool, move and hover over a colour, release the pencil off the screen (mimicking the finger process) but it does not select the color, ie the swatch does not change to the colour I have chosen. The selection process works perfectly when I use my finger. 

Secondly, selecting the colour picker results in two magnifying  selection dots  that hover over the screen,  rather than the expected single dot (see attached pic). 


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Hi Rrus and Welcome to the Forums,

Looks like you've got Show Touches enabled in Preferences which is why you see the blue circle.  Also with the Colour Picker, the outer edge will change to the colour you've picked, so thats when to release the pencil.  

If it's still not working, we may need a screen recording showing the issue.

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Hi Rrus,

Thanks for the screen recording.

I've attached a screen recording of the results i get when doing the same and as you can see, it works.  I've tested this with an Apple Pencil 1 and an older iPad and didn't have any issue.  Also tested with Apple Pencil 2 and a newer ipad, without issue.

Can you try restarting your iPad and see if you have the same issue


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Just now, Rrus said:



Also, i've just been able to replicate this with the Apple Pencil 1 on a 12.9 inch iPad and on a 9.7.

Like you say, it works and then just stops.  I found quitting and going back into the app, that made the Colour Picker work again BUT it will stop working again :( 

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Yes this problem has been reported many many  times, each reinstall seems to fix it for several minutes then it stays with the black ring. Work around is to use your finger.


My dad always told me, a bad workman always blames their tools….

Just waiting for Ronny Pickering…..

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Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 2.2 beta on M1 iPad Pro 11” on iPadOS 17.0 beta 



The hardest link to find https://affinity.help

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I just scoured the net trying to understand what I was doing wrong, and this bug is the issue.  Using a finger works fine.  Using pencil often selects white even though you release the pencil on another colour.  Occasionally it works.  Could we understand timings to resolve this?

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Checking on this issue in 2022. Have spent two days selecting colors and getting the wrong result. It’s incredible how frustrating this is and how difficult it makes my work.  Good to finally know the finder workaround, but is there an estimate on when we’ll be able to use our pen to just sample colors? 

edit: Nope, actually the same bug occurs when using my finger. Attached video is using finger immediately after restarting the app. I can’t select colors, I have to sample the colors to continue with my project, thus Affinity is actually useless for my purpose right now…… I was really excited about this app, but now I have to search for alternatives…..this sucks. 

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