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Äshis - Draw a digital Version of me


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Salute together,

I'm new in the forum and new in the digital world. My English isn't perfect either, but I'll do my best. :$

Normally I paint realistically with acrylic, pencil or colour pencil. Because this is only a hobby, it was never relevant for me. But... but, I have a dream. To create a children's book and for that I have to paint digitally. Therefore, here is my start into the digital world. I take a Person I know, and it is the only Person (at the moment) I can draw in a "easy" way. Me. I work on that point. ;-)

The " little Äshi " will be my exercise object, so I will include new creations directly in the same thread and hope that's okay.

With the brushes of Frankentoon and Affinity Designer I created this colorful variation of the "little Äshi". As always, the sketch is painted analogously. This was the first expirience to draw with Affinity, an I like it! Start with the first digital Äshi!



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22 minutes ago, GarryP said:

That’s really nice work.
As for it being your first attempt to draw with Designer I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when your skills with Designer catch up to your obvious talent as an illustrator. If your first work is this good, the future looks bright indeed.

Much thanks for your words. :$
I make some digital stuff before, but never "Draw" and work with Affinity. I never was happy. Because it was so "clean". Not like warm and charming stuff. -_-

I paint stuff like this (just a link, because it isn't digital - they are Acrylpainting on a A3 Paper) And I love the structure from a Brush and the Paper behind. But I also wanna share the Work with some Designs on a Mug, or as an illustration in some Books. That's why I buy all the Affinity Products. And I hope you're right, so I can reach my goal.





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Good morning together,

Over the weekend I continued to work with the digital world. The challenge of a friend was "Create something with a frog".

Admittedly, I am not completely happy with it. I still have to work on the hairstyle, I don't like it yet. Furthermore, I have to say that I have trouble finding the brushes again and again. I think I have to take the time to put together my own set of brushes so that I can find my favourites faster.

Starts well into the week. :)



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