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Relative path for resources (Feature Request)

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Hi support & forum,
I use the cloud for collaborate work.
The problem with linked resource: On other machine, the path will not match and we have to relink each resource.

So currently I can't find a solution to use linked file in collaborate work, because the link is absolut!

Would be great to could set «path relative from current file».

Currently I can only link resources «absolute»:

The path is clickable but not changeable:

Would be great to change link-path to relative:
Maybe if this could change (path editable) of our own: with (os x) 2 dots and slash, for «from current file -> one directory down and then ...» -> go to (E.g.) directory «Media» and use the file «Image.png» within.


This would make it possible

  • to use the linked resource also on other machines.
  • to simplify the use of new directory-structure. 
  • to move old projects to other destinations (external drive/cloud/...).
  • ...

Maybe there is such a solution, but I can't find it.
If anybody has a hint or work-around, I would love it ;o))

Otherwise Feature-Request: I'm sure, to use a relative path would help a lot of «professionals» to work more with an ease.




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This problem is mysteriously still a problem in Affinity. During our evaluation of Affinity, we worked with files where the .afdesign documents were in one folder, and various linked resources were in subfolders:


The original was created on a mac. The files were copied to a folder on a Windows machine, only drawing.afdesign was edited. This file was copied back to the original location on the mac.

With relative paths all would be well. In Affinity, unfortunately, absolute paths were now saved to the files' location from Windows, and we had to relink the resources on the mac.

This design flaw makes Affinity Publisher in particular completely unsuitable for professional use in a mixed environment - but it should be easy to fix. And it should be fixed at the earliest opportunity.

I should add that our observations suggest that the mac versions of Affinity store a relative path, while the Windows versions appear to store an absolute path to resources in the Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer files.


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Today we discovered again the problem that the Windows version of Affinity saves absolute paths, and it causes miserable problems:

* A designer had created a file in Designer - test.afdesign - on a Windows machine with two embedded images
* The Designer file was stored in c:/users/initials/designer-test/complex/6/
* In the folder were the two images that were also embedded in the afdesign file
* The /designer-test/ folder and all subfolders were copied to a mac
* The designer file test.afdesign was opened in Designer for mac without problems
* The employee thought it was silly to have the files embedded when they were side by side with the designer file anyway
* Employee selected make linked and selected the same folder as the main document - this for both embedded files
* The two embedded files are now on macos saved with their full filename from Windows - that is including the full path, and the folder '6' in macos now contains:



It goes without saying that these files will not be copied to a Windows device with illegal characters in the filename, and in general it is unusual that such a bug is not found during testing.

It's high time to tap your Windows developers on the shoulder about this bug, and more importantly the project manager who prioritizes these fixes.


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