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Hyperlink function crashes easily. Very unstable in general.

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I am thrilled with the release version of Publisher for hundreds of reasons.

But I am very dismayed by how poorly the hyperlink function actually works.

Whether I am attempting to hyperlink to another page or to a URL, it hardly ever succeeds. When I input the specifications, and hit return, Publisher simply quits entirely.

Sooooo frustrating!!


Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Or is there a new build available?

This is really messing me up on a project right now. I would love it if there was a way to fix this unfortunate bugginess.


Please let me know. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, I cannot provide a solution, but just report my experience. I recently created a PDF document with 100+ hyperlinks, half of them internal ones, and never experienced any crash. Maybe it is related to your version of macOS. I still have macOS Sierra, 10.12.6. Hmm. :/

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Where do you add the hyperlinks to? Strings, objects? Not that it would have made a difference on my system, but maybe you are trying something very specific that hadn’t been among my use cases? :)

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As A_B_C says we are struggling to reproduce this, but this isn't the first report I've seen of instability in this area so I don't doubt it exists, we are still currently trying to suss out what is causing some users to see it not others.

Alongside what A_B_C has asked, can you let me know what MacOS you are on?

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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Hi guys,


 Hi guys,


I must confess, I am using Mac OS Catalina Beta. I realize that perhaps I am asking a lot for Publisher to function seamlessly on this public beta. But such is life. LOL.

I can report though, that having completely restarted the machine, I was able to have more success with the Hyperlinking functionality.
 I was able to successfully finish my document and send it off, hyperlinks and page links fully in place.

 Perhaps Affinity will release an update that will make it Catalina proof but until then, I must take my chances. haha :)


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