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Scrolling in the Slices tab can cause Designer to freeze (and slices sometimes appear incorrect)

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I have about 90-80 slices in my project (It's and Android app) , and each slice is exported to a number of files (PNG and SVG).
When using my mouse wheel scrolling up and down, folding and unfolding my slice to check that the export looks ok Designer freezes.

1. I first created a "master" export setup manually, exporting one SVG file and a number of PNG files in various resolutions to target all DPI:s

2. I used the "copy export format setup to clipboard"

3. I marked all my other slices (except the top one)

4. I used the "Add export format setup from clipboard", so all my slices is exported in the same manner (keeping the slice name unique)

5. Using mouse wheel in the Slices area up and down 

6. Unfolded a few of the slices and rolled the mouse wheel up and down fairly quickly

7. Designer freezes, boom. It recovered my file when I restarted though (phew)


I also created a crash dump file of the Designer process was frozen and ran it through DebugDiag Crash Analyzer,
the report is attached. I suppose I could send my file to the developers if that helps reproducing the freeze, but I rather not post it on the forum




Video capture
Sometimes the slices are not redrawn properly in the UI, not sure how to recreate this - but here's what it looks like:
Video clip with the error




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  • Staff

Hi Magnux,

Thanks very much for the video and screenshots. If you could send us the file that will help us immensely as it does sound like a very intricate and complicated document. I understand not wanting to post it publicly so I've created a link to upload it to our Internal Dropbox account - if you could do that it will help us investigate and reproduce the issue!


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I uploaded my .affinity file, and also the crash dumpfile I created (7zip compressed).

I also attached a debugger (Visual Studio 2019) to the Designer.exe process, to see if I could see something interesting happened when running the mouse wheel to provoke the freeze,
and I noticed that the GC was running quite intense just before the Designer UI stopped responding. After this I paused the execution and created the dump file I uploaded to the Dropbox. 

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  • 11 months later...

Yeah, @Steffenvy I tried in Affinity Designer, and it is indeed broken! :(
I loaded my old project and, and it was easy to repro the freeze problem.

Unfortunately I can't remember if the issue was resolved, or I if I somehow managed work around the problem...
But it is definitely a problem now.

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I have the same problem then using Export Personna (Affinity Designer when I use mouse wheel in the Slices, Affinity Designer crash and i have to kill the process :-(
It crash with all files I open, and always when using mouse wheel...
I have the same problem on my laptop when using Touchpad (scrolling with two fingers).

note: it crash only with "Export Personna" slices... It works fine when using "Designer Personna".


Best regards.



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  • 4 months later...

This issue is still happening two years later. The export persona is pretty tedious to use for large amounts of slices which should've been a red flag in the first place, but now my document with 40+ slices is unusable as I can't navigate the slices panel without the entire program freezing.

I'm starting to regret recommending Affinity to anyone, especially now after seeing that breaking issues like this go years without being fixed.

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  • 7 months later...

I have the same issue in AD 1.10.4 when navigating the Slices panel in Export Persona. I have multiple artboards with multiple slices and can't edit or copy the slice parameters like file type, path, etc, because it always freeze and I have to kill Affinity Designer.

I've tried to save as a new document, to copy artboards to a newly created file, but nothing helps and I always end with crashes.

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