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Editing SVG Files in Publisher (Desktop)

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Is there a way to edit the content of a SVG file within affinity?

The main goal of this post is to expediate the workflow of:

1. Create a SVG File

2. Export it as SVG.

3. Open it as a text file.

4. Make modifications.

5. Copy and paste resultant to a HTML web page I'm working on.

Ideally, the workflow would be

1. Doing work on Affinity

2. Open up the "text content" of the SVG while working in Affinity.

3. Make changes to the text and directly copy and paste to somewhere else. 



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I think Publisher was never meant for this kind of use. Affinity Designer should be the better place, but I doubt this since this is a very special workflow. Illustrator shows the code on export, perhaps Inkscape has the wanted feature?

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Something in behavior like this?

Even that would be easy to do, it's not very powerful in terms of any further editing capabilities here. Meaning, every half way good programmers text editor offers much better and more powerful capabilities for editing generated SVG text code. - However, the good here on such a webbrowser based solution is more, that you can reapply the manual edits (let reparse) and inspect the result immediately.

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