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Hey there,


Is there a possibility to change the color of the bullet points in a bulleted list independently from the color of the text following it?


Thank you 

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Yes. Make a character style, based on the style used in the bullet paragraph style. Only change the color. Then in the bullets and numbering section of the bullet paragraph style, set the bullet to use the character style you created. 


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On 3/15/2019 at 8:35 PM, MikeW said:

Yes. Make a character style

Exactly. That said, there seem to be a few issues with this process which I already reported a few betas ago.

When you specify a bullet character style at paragraph style level, some properties seem to be applied correctly (colour for instance), some, such at point size, seem to be wrong. For instance, when you want to use an 8pt bullet with a 11pt paragraph style, the bullet is 11pt large when the bulleted paragraph style is applied to an unstyled paragraph. You have to go to the Bullets and Numbering tab on the PAragraph pane, remove the character style in the Style field and apply it again (after which it is applied correctly). 

Interestingly, the bug seems to affect other paragraph properties such as leading. In my project, extra leading space is applied between character-styled bullet paragraphs and this can be fixed only by removing and re-applying the bullet character style.

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