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  1. Funny. Changed the password to a similar one (in terms of character structure). This time, no problems. I guess it's not worth investigating further. Thanks, Patrick.
  2. Patrick, nothing really out of the ordinary. Just dashes (separating groups of lowercase, UPPERCASE and numbers). I can try to change my password via "Forgot my password" for the sake of testing...
  3. Hi guys, I tried to test the feature after the initial release but failed to sign in to my affinity account. Now I decided to give it another try, the result is the same though. I am assuming one is supposed to use the affinity.store credentials, not the serif.com user. I can login to the store website but not to My Account in AfPub (The password you have entered is incorrect.). Any idea what am I doing wrong?
  4. Hi @Gabe, Always my pleasure to help – and it's good to see that the issue is marked as resolved in the new beta. And, oh, I just re-read my initial post. Sorry for that strangely clumsy descrription of a simple issue Cheers! G.
  5. Hi guys, I noticed a minor bug in the data merge functionality: I used an Excel dataset with n rows. When the first column in row n (the last row) is empty, APub shows No. of rows = n-1 and the last row replaces row n-1 in all columns except the empty one (the value of which is taken from row n-1). Unfortunately, I did not have the time to do a more thorough testing, I can only assume the bug is not related to last rows and/or first columns only. An easy workaround is to put a space in the first column of the last row (i.e. " " instead of ""), but this is not always desired. Anyway, great job with the data merge! Cheers!
  6. Publisher hasn't been around for that long If you mean AD (I cannot judge Photo as I use it for very basic things only), yes, some bugs have been with us for ages and are pretty annoying (expand stroke is a notorious example). What I had in mind, however, was the desire to come up with a lean, fast and intuitive UX/UI. In terms of bug squishing and feature additions, yes, we all miss something that we need. But it's not fair to compare the Affinity suite with software that has been here for 10+ years and costs 10 times as much. Serif deserve a little bit more time, considering what the first releases of Indesign and QX looked like... My two cents, feel free to disagree of course. All the best.
  7. In the first place, you should bear in mind that we haven't seen the final implemntation yet. Even if they keep the current approximation (which I doubt, knowing their obsession with quality), I think the application offers MORE than enough power for EUR 50, with new features being added all the time. Feel free to pay EUR 50 per month to ye olde Adobe if you need more. (Or try QX, the new versions are rather good). All the best!
  8. Hi guys, This is what I do: When using floating images with a caption, I normally group the caption text box with the image and pin it to the text it belongs to – so that these elements float togather. So far so good. However, it turned out today, after I generated the TOC of all images in my book, that half of the entries is missing – and it's exactly those floating images-caption groups. Pinning a lone text box does not seem to be an issue. But as soon as you group a text box with an image and then pin it you are lost. Cheers!
  9. I am having the same Issues as well. Czech keyboard. Attempts to type e.g. é result in ,é (acute accent interpreted as lower single quote). Just minor teething issues. Publisher is GREAT!
  10. Well, I never! Rabari, you nailed it! /Library/Dictionaries indeed seems to work. Thank you my friend!
  11. Ending spaces are truncated in auto-correct definitions. Entries such as "TEXT[SPACE]" -> "TEXT[NON-BREAKING SPACE]" become "TEXT" -> "TEXT[NON-BREAKING SPACE]" once you exit the line. Unsurprisingly, the results are less than satisfactory: TEXT[NON-BREAKING SPACE][SPACE] Just a nitpick, Publisher is great already and I am sure it will become much better judging from how Designer and Photo evolved!
  12. First and formost, congratulations to the whole Affinity team for an excellent launch and a big thank you for providing us with such an excellent software suite! One issue that's been bugging me for some time and has not been resolved as far as I know: Hunspell hyphenation dictionaries are ignored when placed in the system Spelling folder, i.e /Users/Profile_Name]/Library/Spelling They are picked up only if placed DIRECTLY into the app package, i.e. /Applications/Affinity Publisher.app/Contents/Resources/Dictionaries Am I doing something wrong? Cheers!
  13. Exactly. That said, there seem to be a few issues with this process which I already reported a few betas ago. When you specify a bullet character style at paragraph style level, some properties seem to be applied correctly (colour for instance), some, such at point size, seem to be wrong. For instance, when you want to use an 8pt bullet with a 11pt paragraph style, the bullet is 11pt large when the bulleted paragraph style is applied to an unstyled paragraph. You have to go to the Bullets and Numbering tab on the PAragraph pane, remove the character style in the Style field and apply it again (after which it is applied correctly). Interestingly, the bug seems to affect other paragraph properties such as leading. In my project, extra leading space is applied between character-styled bullet paragraphs and this can be fixed only by removing and re-applying the bullet character style.
  14. As far as I am aware, you will most likely need a new license. Cross-platform licensing through Apple App Store (i.e. Windows license bound to your Apple ID) would be difficult and awkward to implement.
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