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  1. Hi guys, This is what I do: When using floating images with a caption, I normally group the caption text box with the image and pin it to the text it belongs to – so that these elements float togather. So far so good. However, it turned out today, after I generated the TOC of all images in my book, that half of the entries is missing – and it's exactly those floating images-caption groups. Pinning a lone text box does not seem to be an issue. But as soon as you group a text box with an image and then pin it you are lost. Cheers!
  2. The ultimate cause may be the same but my issue is basically a two-in-one: undesired resizing of a pinned object undo does not get you back to the last correct version
  3. Hi guys, a minor bug you may want to look into when there are no more important issues. Insert an image (icon for instance) and pin it to the first word of a paragraph (pin position does not really matter though). Paste new text into the paragraph (and overwrite your pin, thus deleting the image). Think: "Ah, darn, I did it again. I wanted to keep the bloody image." Press Cmd + Z to save the day. The original contents will reappear – but the proportions of the pinned image will be completely different (and cannot be easily restored other than typing them manually to the Transform fields) Disclaimer: It's perfectly possible that I am just not doing something right. If that's the case, just let me know. Anyhow, thanks again for the brilliant piece of software you unleashed on us! I really love every minute working in the Affinity suite. Cheers to the UK!
  4. A quick update: resetting the app to factory defaults by Ctrl-clicking seems to have helped. Which is strange because I thought deleting the Application Support folder did the same. Glad to have my APu up and running again! Cheers to the Affinity team and this wonderful community.
  5. Hi guys, After fiddling with Interactivity -> Hyperlinks a bit (adding an email hyperlink seemed to have annoyed the app) I managed to get my 518 Beta to a state where it does not launch at all. (Silently crashes half a second after the splash screen appears.) Reinstalling the application itself did not help. Deleting Application Support folder did not help either. Is there anything else I can do to get my poor app working again? Crash report attached. Cheers! crash report.txt
  6. I am having the same Issues as well. Czech keyboard. Attempts to type e.g. é result in ,é (acute accent interpreted as lower single quote). Just minor teething issues. Publisher is GREAT!
  7. Well, I never! Rabari, you nailed it! /Library/Dictionaries indeed seems to work. Thank you my friend!
  8. Ending spaces are truncated in auto-correct definitions. Entries such as "TEXT[SPACE]" -> "TEXT[NON-BREAKING SPACE]" become "TEXT" -> "TEXT[NON-BREAKING SPACE]" once you exit the line. Unsurprisingly, the results are less than satisfactory: TEXT[NON-BREAKING SPACE][SPACE] Just a nitpick, Publisher is great already and I am sure it will become much better judging from how Designer and Photo evolved!
  9. First and formost, congratulations to the whole Affinity team for an excellent launch and a big thank you for providing us with such an excellent software suite! One issue that's been bugging me for some time and has not been resolved as far as I know: Hunspell hyphenation dictionaries are ignored when placed in the system Spelling folder, i.e /Users/Profile_Name]/Library/Spelling They are picked up only if placed DIRECTLY into the app package, i.e. /Applications/Affinity Publisher.app/Contents/Resources/Dictionaries Am I doing something wrong? Cheers!
  10. Exactly. That said, there seem to be a few issues with this process which I already reported a few betas ago. When you specify a bullet character style at paragraph style level, some properties seem to be applied correctly (colour for instance), some, such at point size, seem to be wrong. For instance, when you want to use an 8pt bullet with a 11pt paragraph style, the bullet is 11pt large when the bulleted paragraph style is applied to an unstyled paragraph. You have to go to the Bullets and Numbering tab on the PAragraph pane, remove the character style in the Style field and apply it again (after which it is applied correctly). Interestingly, the bug seems to affect other paragraph properties such as leading. In my project, extra leading space is applied between character-styled bullet paragraphs and this can be fixed only by removing and re-applying the bullet character style.
  11. To make it even MORE interesting, further investigations show that everything is *completely* fine if you select "Prefer Linked" image placement policy and insert the PDF via Picture Frame Rectangle Tool... Did not have the time to test whether it was the Prefer Linked setting that fixed it or placing the PDF through the tool instead of drag-and-dropping it into the document. Now the document works like a charm...
  12. After embedding SOME (not all) PDFs into an afpub document (e.g. a simple flowchart, ca. 300 kb) and turning text wrap on, performance degrades significantly. For instance , there is a delay of several seconds when inputting new text and Publisher becomes extremely resource hungry, consuming 200+ %CPU. The situation is better for some PDFs, worse for others. My investigations show that OmniGraffle PDFs are extremely bad in this respect and one is attached to this ticket for testing purposes. Interestingly enough, the text lag / %CPU issue can be fixed by taking the objects out of the embedded PDF and moving them directly into the afpub. (there are other performace issues related to that, but the text lag seems to be gone) Thanks for looking into this matter Flowcharting Symbology.pdf
  13. I may be doing something wrong but after defining a custom character style (which changes for instance the bullet's font size, colour and baseline shift) and applying it via Paragraph Style --> Bullets and Numbering --> Style, SOME (though not all) properties are not applied consistently. Namely, everything is ok for paragraphs using the style at the time it is defined / updated. However, when applying the style to new paragraphs, SOME paragraph style properties seem to be applied to the bullet instead of the character style. (Colour, for instance, seems to be always correct, unlike font size, baseline shift, leading override etc.) How to recreate: create a "Bulleted" paragraph style with font size 12pt, Auto colour create a "Red Bullet" character style with font size 8pt, baseline shift -2pt and red colour apply the character style to bullets in the "Bulleted" paragraph style In this scenario: already existing "Bulleted" paragraphs will have correctly formatted bullets using the "Red Bullet" character style when applying the "Bulleted" paragraph style to an unformated paragraph, the bullet will be RED with a font size of 12pt (instead of 8pt as defined in "Red Bullet"), without baseline shift. Hopefully you can understand what I mean. Anyway, hats off for all the hard work you put into Publisher. It's shaping up to be a delight to work with!
  14. illusie, I just downloaded your .afpub, exported without touching anything and the PDF is OK, including the ligatures. My guess is the font file is to blame. What Georgia version do you have? I'm running v5.00x-4 (default system font).
  15. Mike, I couldn't agree more about the "cleverness" of installing fonts separately to restrict them to certain applications only. Microsoft has been doing this for some time with Office for Mac—for reasons which remain a mystery to me. If anyone wants to use the faces in other software (which is often not the brightest idea, considering that most Microsoft legacy fonts are intended for screen use and not suitable for serious DTP work) it's a simple matter of copying the font files from one folder to another...
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