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  1. Try enlarging the object significantly before expanding the stroke and then downsizing it back to the required dimensions. Often helps with expand stroke issues.
  2. Well, never thought this would be an issue for anyone participating in the beta (since such users can be reasonably expected to be more aware of what's going on with the software they are betatesting) but clearly it is an issue. Maybe a simple check if MAS version > beta version when validating whether AD is installed in the Appliations folder + an appropriate message would do the trick... Or validate it against your servers if the user is online, I'm sure you'll find a better solution than me :-)
  3. Great job with the new beta Team Affinity! One strange regression though (since first 1.6 betas): Greyscale documents sometimes have a strange, inverted palette and are not greyscale at all. Check the attached image: the "transparent" background colour and the not-at-all-light-grey rectangle. The bug often disappears after switching to a different greyscale profile. EDIT: ooops, sorry for such a big picture, I had no idea it would be displayed inline and take so much space in the thread...
  4. Goner__

    Fonts and pdf

    Alternatively, you may configure your own PDF export settings that always export fonts as curves... In the Export dialogue hit [ More ] go to the "Embed fonts" drop-down menu and choose "Text as Curves". To save your preset, hit [ Manage Presets ] and choose "Create Preset"
  5. Goner__

    Fonts and pdf

    As a workaround for embedding issues, try converting all text to curves prior to export (or choose the appropriate setting in export options). Not a 100% solution but will do for most intents and purposes.
  6. Goner__

    Designer Beta

    Hi Steffen, I am afraid your description (both the title and content) is way too generic for them to help you. PDF exports work alright for me and your crashes will be related to your file. Therefore: (1) try to change the title to something like "Crash when exporting a PDF" and (2) ideally attach the .afdesign file (if possible with respect to size or confidentiality constraints). If the file is too large, you will be asked to PM it to one of the devs. Your issues are much more likely to be looked at and fixed if you do this and provide the information needed. Cheers!
  7. A quick update: Just heard from a different developer and allegedly this issue may be Apple's fault and should be fixed in 10.12.1. At least the developer assured me it was already fixed in 10.12.1 Beta 3. Cheers guys!
  8. Hi to the whole Affinity Team! I discovered a small glitch recently. It affects both the Beta and MAS versions and is related to Sierra. (Had the same happening in other applicatons too, probably related to some backend changes made by Apple in Sierra.) When renaming an element/layer/group/artboard and pressing a diacritics key (such us an umlaut (as in Äffinity), caron/háček (čšž) or acute accent (áýé)) – basically any character not leaving a "standalone" glyph but modifying the following letter, the application throws an exception immediately after the accent key is pressed. The issue is not critical since the application does not crash and seems to be able to recover completely. Exception details in spoiler (for what they are worth). Keep up the great work!
  9. Great job with the new beta release guys! However, the PDF export bug seems to persist. Transparent background in PDFs is always exported as solid white. Applies for slices, whole document and selected objects with the "Selection without background" export mode picked. EDIT: Ignore my babbling please. Turns out the issue was completely unrelated to Affinity but a bug in the software I used my PDFs with. Sorry for any confusion caused.
  10. Not sure if this has been reported yet but when exporting a PDF, (selection without background ticked) the file seems to come with a solid white background instead of "transparent white". The white background rectangle is always visible when later placed over non-white backdrop. Worse still, when pure white elements are exported all you get is a white rectangle. Am I doing something wrong? Anyhow, great work as always with your updates! Cheers, Dan
  11. Goner__

    Mac and Windows version

    As far as I am aware, you will most likely need a new license. Cross-platform licensing through Apple App Store (i.e. Windows license bound to your Apple ID) would be difficult and awkward to implement.
  12. Dutch, regarding your OS X troubles: switching to OS X may seem difficult in the begining but you WILL find out the system is much more user friendly than it may look initially. Some things work slightly differently here but if you leave your Windows habits aside, you will find out that OS X is more intuitive than Win in most cases. At least this was how I felt a few years ago when switching to OS X after MANY years with Windows... Anyway: the best thing to do when you seem to be unable to achieve something in OS X: Just google it. There's a metric ton of guides and how-tos these days and they usually save you a lot of frustration compared to a figure-it-out-myslef approach... Cheers buddy!
  13. And the Lord saith: Thou shall atone for thine sins by releasing another beta soon. And 1.5 beta. And, like, ehm..., Publisher... ;) (seriously, I have been waiting for that one for ages and had to buy both Designer and Photo just to endure the pain... Addictions can be funny - turns out I am addicted to something I have never seen or imbibed yet. :rolleyes: )