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some problems in .257

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1. In the table the pages are shown as: correct page -1 (not 53 but 52)

2. The scrollbars in browser and viewer are not synchron

3. If the image field or the export field are open nothing else runs (for example to use the browser they must be closed again)

4. The images (set: linked) are still included; my file has 1,15 GB in the moment (350 p., 1 pic every p.)

5. Export 72 dpi sets bilinear: lines are broken etc.



AP 1.7.2 // AD 1.7.2 // Apu 1.7.2: Capture One+ 12; MacBook Pro, OSX 10.13.1, early 2012 (ret), flsh 256 GB, RAM 16 GB; // Fuji X-Pro2, XF 18 - 55, XF 55 - 200 mm, nikkor 2.8/ 20 mm with shift 

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Hi larsh,

1. I'm not completely sure what you mean here, do you mean inserting a page number field into a table shows an incorrect page number? 

2. Again, I will need some clarification here, can you attach some screenshots?

3. These dialogs are modal, so it is intended that the rest of the app can't be interacted with whilst they are open, any browsers or other applications should still function fine, is that not the case?

4. When we link images we still embed some data from them within the file, the linking refers a bit more to monitoring the image, if the source is changed you should be notified inside the application

5. What file type are you exporting to? Can you attach the document that is breaking when exported at 72DPI ?



Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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