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I want to join curves of this leaf's veins together in a single shape. I want it to look like this:



But when I click "Join curves", I get this:



What's the catch? I'm sure it's a trivial thing, but wherever I searched for an answer or tried messing around in AD, nothing has brought results. Please help.

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Hi kris_,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Affinity Designer doesn't support booleans operations with lines (only with/between shapes). So select all the line objects, go to menu Layer ▸ Expand Stroke to convert the lines (strokes) to shapes then perform the add boolean operation as usual.

The Join Curves command is intended to be used with nodes (not curves). So for example, to join one line with another, drag one of the end nodes of the first curve over the end node of the second with the Node Tool (both curves must be previously selected), then with the Node Tool still selected drag a marquee around both nodes and press the Join Curves button in the context toolbar. The lines are now joined into a single entity.

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When a Join Curves is done it tries to tie the start of one curve with the end of another curve to make one curve.  On the two branches that don't look to be joined you probably have a red node signifying it's the last node in the curve and the other end is the start.  All other pieces have been connected end to end to make one curve.

The geometry icons want closed paths.

If you are using the beta version there is now a menu selection Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves that might do what you want.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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