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  1. Hi, I design calendars and so far everything was great. Text and other vector elements were exported to PDF as curves. Today I used an adjustment layer over a raster image and also created a pixel mask (if that's the correct title) in Pixel persona over a text layer. After that, each exported PDF has all its text rasterized as well. I double-checked to have "Text as Curves" option on. Since I didn't use masks nor adjustment layers before, I'm guessing it has something to do with that. What's the correct way to fix this? Please help, I'm panicking :)
  2. Hi, I want to join curves of this leaf's veins together in a single shape. I want it to look like this: But when I click "Join curves", I get this: What's the catch? I'm sure it's a trivial thing, but wherever I searched for an answer or tried messing around in AD, nothing has brought results. Please help.