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Bhikkhu Pesala

Margins not respected for flowed pages

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Did you change the margin for the document, or for the spread that you shift-clicked on, or for the Master page applied to that spread?

Each might have a different effect.

-- Walt

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Hi Pesala

The only way I can get all the pages to change margins at the same time is via master page setup. I did try using the "selected spreads" option and selected all the spreads and only the spreads that I was on would change and not ALL. There does seem to be something not right with the spread setup dialogue option.


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Viewing the master pages and changing the margins there fixed the problem. I was somewhat surprised to see that the master page was still set to A4, after I hand changed the page to A5. 

This could be made more user-friendly, e.g. a checkbox to change spreads for master pages when changing them for the page. 

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I too am having margin problems to default to what I set my master page to
or when I make a margin changes to automatic update all the pages to the new
margin change. Also in spread setup seems that Current Spread is always the
default, will not stay in All Spreads if selected.

Is this a bug that needs fixing?


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