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AD Beta CRASH if I do zoom while use Corner Tool

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Hello, guys at Serif.

Today I was trying to use the Corner Tool [C] tool, but I had to zoom in to compare it with the sample bitmap. To my surprise, AD Beta disappeared from the screen as if it had never been there.

I repeated the test with a file with a simple curve object, and the results were the same every time. AD Beta or freezes on the screen, or simply disappears from the screen.

The BUG occurs even if I use the Ctrl-, Ctrl+, or Ctrl wheel.

The bug only happens when the tool Corner Tool [C] is selected in the Toolbar and I try to zoom. The program will not crash if I zoom while another tool is selected.

The attached file was created with the stable version AD

This BUG does not happen with the stable version AD

Test File.afdesign

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I can confirm this bug, had it happen earlier today with the corner tool as well in the latest beta. It first freezes for a while then then crashes when using ctrl-mousewheel to zoom in or out while the corner tool is active.

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That's a kown Issue and it is already with the development.

If you are using the corner tool with pressed ctrl button designer beta crashes.


Have a nice day.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag.

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