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Tom Schülke

Possible in Publisher ? if not a featuere request..

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Hi everyone..  

For international architectural competitions, architectural Companys have to submit an application in which they also prove the qualifications of their employees.
For this purpose, we have a document for each employee with his or her curriculum vitae and qualifications, which are supplied with the application.
These documents are all structured in the same way.

Would it be possible to have these documents filled in automatically via the connection to tables or databases, so that the colleagues in business development do not have to create a new publisher document every time ?  

Of course we would have to migrate from Indesign to Publisher.  Without an import function, at least of the IDML format, the conversion to Affinity Publisher would require an extremely high effort which is difficult to justify.

1. are connections for the import of databases that can automatically fill a document with content being considered? and

2. when is there hope for the import of IDML files ?

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I really hope that Data Merge gets added sooner rather than later! I've got a job coming up which requires personalized place cards and menus for 500 plus people. I can either use Publisher and type out each one, one at a time, by hand, or I can continue to use the Data Merge function in good old PagePlus. Guess which way I'm likely to go!

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