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I believe this is the 4th issue that I've created cover-to-cover with QuarkXpress and, just as important, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. My workflow has COMPLETELY changed, from the world of Adobe, to a mix that serves me better. I've read through many threads in the forums, mostly positive, but some rantings how Affinity products are not "pro," whatever that means. Granted, these are my opinions, but Photo and Designer feel so much better than their Adobe counterparts. There was a bit of the "changing the brain" learning curve, but I'm far more comfortable now than I ever was with Adobe, especially since they went to a subscription model. Just with the magazine in mind, I've created photo collages, done a massive amount of photo manipulation, color correction, logo creation. . . .everything but the layout (I've been using Publisher Beta but it's not at the point where I can rely on it to see the magazine through to print). The magazine Editor and Publisher are happy, the print files are hitting all the right notes with the Printer and the public are enjoying the product, both physically and electronically.



CGSpread 36-37.jpg

NicOpener 25.jpg

LionelSpread 80-81.jpg

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Hi Danny,

I personally am not into tats but your work speaks volumes! Great Job!

I too am using Affinity more and more. I have a print/sign shop and a newspaper and every day more and more is getting done in Affinity. 

Here's why:

1. Size: Adobe is limited to 200 inches. I've done over 1200 feet files in Affinity.

2. gradations and transparencies - much more powerful

3. iPad version is fully compatible and as capable as the desktop version.

4. Drop shadows actually export correctly rather than strange squares around objects that sometimes show up in print.

There are certainly things I have gotten frustrated over and that is the massive file sizes but I get over it. Much of the time though Affinity will fix files that come from Adobe. 

Sometime I'll probably post my comics here but I am completely amazed everytime I use Designer. One day I hope to be free of Adobe - though I don't see a replacement for Acrobat (and my plugins) any time soon.

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Thanks so much, much appreciated. In regards to Acrobat, I hear you, although I've got 2 machines and I'm using PDF Expert which for what I need now is serving as an excellent replacement for Acrobat. It seems that every other week they have an update and/or improvement. I've tried some other PDF programs, but I'm not ready to invest in software that, to me, seems more complicated than it needs to be.

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