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There seems to be a limit of only ten construction items of each type across all artboards

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Windows 10 Home (1803), Designer

I have created multiple artboards in the same document and added some construction items.
When I add more than ten construction items of any type, one item of the same type goes missing from the same - or another - artboard. See attached GIF for a working example where you can watch them disappear.
I'm guessing that this isn't a deliberate design decision as it really limits the functionality.

minimum contruction items.gif

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Hi GarryP,

This is actually a intentional limitation by Ben. The idea is that they're only there for when you need them, so instead of creating them throughout your document, you just create them for the operation you are doing. These are also not saved with your document either.

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Ah. Having such a small limit is a bit of a shame.
Because of that they're not much good for what I was trying to do with them but it sounds like I was using them for the wrong reasons.
I didn't realise they weren't saved either, so maybe it's good that I found this out before I tried to rely on them.
(As per another post, I think things like this need to be documented for beta testers so they know whether they're looking at a feature or a bug. It would save a lot of time and effort checking and reporting things that are already known but not divulged.)
Oh well, I'll just have to use something else.

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