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Errors in Affinity Designer Windows Customer Beta -

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1. There is no bleeding in Artboards mode !!!
2. Do not pull the guides using tools other than the arrow
3. There is no Preview Mode preview button (as in Publisher)
4. You can not choose a new artboards mode for popular paper formats, for example A4, A3, A5 etc. !!!!
5. You can not set different bleeds on different Artboards in one document  !!!
6. Does not import keyboard shortcuts from beta 1.6.5  !!!!!
7. Do not paste  correctly copied Layer FX style effects !!!

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Hi Grafkom,

I've responded to each of these issues in your previous post - there is no need to create a new post for each build pointing out the same issues. 

Regarding point 7:

  • Do not paste correctly copied Layer FX style effects !!!

I asked in your previous post if you can be more specific about what is not pasting correctly, and if you have any steps to reproduce this, however you did not respond!


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I only mentioned those errors which were not further improved in this version.
The others have been corrected and thank you very much for that.
Regarding copied layer effects:
I copy the shadow effect from rectangle No. 1 and paste the shadow effect into the remaining rectangles, I expected the same shadow parameters and yet it turns out that they are different.



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