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Deleting Duplicated Text in Publisher

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Perhaps I am missing something, so let me know if this quirk is on my side of the computer.

I created a short document then duplicated the page; page 1 and page 2 are now identical. My idea here is to be able overprint a small logo in correct position after page 1 has already been printed.

I wanted to position the logo on page 2, delete the text, run the already printed page 1 through the printer printing only page 2 (logo only) over it.

However, when attempting to delete the text from page 2, even though it was selected in the thumbnail view, the text in the thumbnail for page 1 appeared to be being deleted instead.

I was able to work around this so project is completed.

But is there a way to overcome this situation should it be encountered in the future?

The idea is basically to overprint additional optional info on existing documents and keep it in register. I do not want to add layers to the documents as the optional info may change, but I need to use the existing layout as a positioning guide.

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Hi lulgi,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I'm not sure what's going on without seeing how you have structured the file, but deleting the text frame/text from page 2 should not delete the text from page one. Are you able to attach the file displaying this issue so we can check it? Regarding the logo and positioning you can create a master page with the logo only and apply that master page to the pages you want. Assuming all pages have the same dimensions the logo will be positioned exactly on the same place in all of them.

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Possibly @lulgi only clicked once on page 2 in the Pages panel, rather than double-clicking. That could leave page 1 actually selected for editing, which might not be obvious when the page contents are similar. I've experienced that myself.

-- Walt

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Thank you both Getlemen!

MEB, great idea! I will use that for other projects, but would not have applied in this case. Material is proprietary so unfortunately I cannot submit the file.

Walt, Now, duh, that makes me feel dummmm! Of course, that is the answer I needed! Thank you so much; us "old guys" gotta stick together.

Blessings on you both!

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