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  1. Thanks Walt! That did the trick; Unsplash works just fine now. Good thing I am no stranger to registry hacks. The article, written in the arcane Microsoftese, is about as clear as mayonnaise. Actually, I had seen this fix referred to on another thread earlier the same day and was about to give it a try when you beat me to the punch. Your help is always appreciated!
  2. I have tried to retrieve images from Unsplash through the Stock panel in Publisher several times and repeatedly get the message "Connection Failed." I can however use the link to go to the website. This problem also exists in Affinity Photo. Is there a fix for this? Unsplash has undoubtedly better images and a larger selection. While downloading from their website is not such a big problem, it does complicate the workflow and I believe solving that was the point of including the Stock panel feature.
  3. Not the firewall, not going to change to Win 10. Thanks anyway.
  4. While working on a flyer and making text corrections and formatting changes, Affinity Designer frequently hangs when trying to drag create a new text frame. At that point nothing in the program works. Sometimes after a long wait the program will catch up, sometimes a reboot is needed losing all interim changes since the last auto save. Any suggestion ideas are appreciated, lulgi
  5. Hey, sorry this has been hanging. I was able to resolve all problems and move forward with the project(s) successfully. Thanks for your help! P.
  6. Avery makes a robust line of labels and business cards. I see many others have requested this feature be added to at least the release version of Publisher. I must chime in on this one and agree! As a long time Serif user I am excited by the new line of Affinity programs. For many years I was a loyal Corel customer until they changed their business model. Seeking an equally capable replacement, I chose Serif with absolutely no regrets. I had also used Adobe PhotoShop out of necessity for one year. One feature I found very useful and dearly miss is Lightroom's cataloging ability; another feature sorely needed.
  7. Sure! Happy to. Press_Ready_-FLYER_Composite.afdesign
  8. Hi Gabe, I have been working on a 2-sided flyer; each file being a separate file. This has happened on both. It does seem to happen after a lot of intensive type adjustments. That is to say, the more adjustments such as point, leading, leading override, tracking, etc., then the next new text frame I draw MAY hang. It has happened more to the side with the most type. My computer is powerful ( core i7 w/ 16 GB RAM,) but perhaps you may suggest a memory allocation adjustment?
  9. Just a few days ago all of the keyboard zoom controls (hot keys, shortcuts) just stopped in Affinity Photo. Despite running a repair, and a complete uninstall and reinstall they still do not work. However those do work in Affinity Designer and Publisher. All programs are latest versions. System is Win 7 Ultimate with all latest updates. Is it possible there is a fix for this? Could this have something to do with the recent MS .Net Framework update?
  10. Hi Gabe, Wouldn't you know? That seems to have been the solution. Unusual though because I did a complete uninstall with Revo which thoroughly scours the registry and files. Thanks for that help. BTW, my middle name is Gabriele, after my paternal grandfather. Best, lulgi
  11. Thank you both Getlemen! MEB, great idea! I will use that for other projects, but would not have applied in this case. Material is proprietary so unfortunately I cannot submit the file. Walt, Now, duh, that makes me feel dummmm! Of course, that is the answer I needed! Thank you so much; us "old guys" gotta stick together. Blessings on you both!
  12. Perhaps I am missing something, so let me know if this quirk is on my side of the computer. I created a short document then duplicated the page; page 1 and page 2 are now identical. My idea here is to be able overprint a small logo in correct position after page 1 has already been printed. I wanted to position the logo on page 2, delete the text, run the already printed page 1 through the printer printing only page 2 (logo only) over it. However, when attempting to delete the text from page 2, even though it was selected in the thumbnail view, the text in the thumbnail for page 1 appeared to be being deleted instead. I was able to work around this so project is completed. But is there a way to overcome this situation should it be encountered in the future? The idea is basically to overprint additional optional info on existing documents and keep it in register. I do not want to add layers to the documents as the optional info may change, but I need to use the existing layout as a positioning guide.

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