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  1. Avery makes a robust line of labels and business cards. I see many others have requested this feature be added to at least the release version of Publisher. I must chime in on this one and agree! As a long time Serif user I am excited by the new line of Affinity programs. For many years I was a loyal Corel customer until they changed their business model. Seeking an equally capable replacement, I chose Serif with absolutely no regrets. I had also used Adobe PhotoShop out of necessity for one year. One feature I found very useful and dearly miss is Lightroom's cataloging ability; another feature sorely needed.
  2. Thank you both Getlemen! MEB, great idea! I will use that for other projects, but would not have applied in this case. Material is proprietary so unfortunately I cannot submit the file. Walt, Now, duh, that makes me feel dummmm! Of course, that is the answer I needed! Thank you so much; us "old guys" gotta stick together. Blessings on you both!
  3. Perhaps I am missing something, so let me know if this quirk is on my side of the computer. I created a short document then duplicated the page; page 1 and page 2 are now identical. My idea here is to be able overprint a small logo in correct position after page 1 has already been printed. I wanted to position the logo on page 2, delete the text, run the already printed page 1 through the printer printing only page 2 (logo only) over it. However, when attempting to delete the text from page 2, even though it was selected in the thumbnail view, the text in the thumbnail for page 1 appeared to be being deleted instead. I was able to work around this so project is completed. But is there a way to overcome this situation should it be encountered in the future? The idea is basically to overprint additional optional info on existing documents and keep it in register. I do not want to add layers to the documents as the optional info may change, but I need to use the existing layout as a positioning guide.