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Bike Frame Paint Templates (AD)

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My brother's started to get in to painting bike frames and I thought it would be nice to create some templates that would show potential designs in a slightly more realistic way.  Often it's just a flat drawing which doesn't give you quite the idea of what it would look like all finished and shiny.

So here's the first two I've done, road/track frames with fairly random default paint applied. The highlights and shadows are blend modes so will work with any colours. They're not extremely detailed but enough to give you a better idea.

Aluminium Road Frameset.jpg

Steel TIG Road Track Frameset.jpg

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Very effective...:)

APh & AD + Beta AD | APh + Beta AP
APu +Beta Apu

OS:Windows 10 Pro 1903 OS Build 18362.295
Rig:AMD FX 8350 and AMD Radeon (R9 380 Series) Settings Version 19.08.1(Adrenalin, 
Radeon Settings Version
19.1.1) + Wacom Intuous 4M with driver 6.3.35-3



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