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Having only used Publisher for a couple of hours it’s more than possible I’ve overlooked certain things but boy it’s a long way from being ready for commercial use. I have found a couple of issues as follows.

a) can set bleed but can’t see them, I think this has already been pointed out. No way to see preview without bleed edge items showing off edge.

b) Cannot set separate dimensions for pages and set them out as a spread ie. spines for book    covers etc.

c) tab stop application clumsy and can’t see tap stops. As it is, you have to look at the text box then look right to the tab stop, which is quite small on a retina display, make the adjustment then look back to text box, then look right again...you get the picture.  I know you can pull the paragraph tab out and move to the text frame but I think you should be able to pull just the tab out on its own. Not good, need to see those tab stops at the point of text frame and be able to adjust from there.

d) bug I think, the text frame thin blue line does not disappear when you deselect. 

e) on retina screen, many of the text option symbols are tiny, hard to make out.

Just a little feedback for now.


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On the Bleed issue, I think I found it. Strange place for it and not real handy. View/View Mode/Clip to Canvas. Has a shortcut of \


iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) • Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB • macOS High Sierra

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Yeah mwhit did actually find that clip to canvas soon after I posted, great. As for what you have said Dave I will try those few things and see how I go. Hopefully all will be well. Cheers fellas.

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