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Save the protocol afterwards

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Just work on some photos with the AP. But it really goes to my nerves to save the protocol via Makro.
Watched now several tutorials, but it is so complicated to open windows, click buttons etc..and that all in advance.
For me it is too laborius in advanced, and do not know yet if I want to save a protocol or not. And for that I need to go long ways to Studio, click Makro, Kick save to library .........
How complicated and long timing. If you have a plan and for stapelwork it is maybe good in advance  I think.
But for me at the moment no way. For example:
I worked on a photo. My results makes me happy. Several times I needed to go back in the protocol to start over from a certain step.
But finally I have a long protocol list. This I want to use now on 2 others pictures.and the point is I only know it now,
How can I save the protocol now and afterwards????? 
I cannot copy and paste it to the other photo. Tried already.
For me the other complicated way is at the moment much too wasteful.
Unfortunately I don´t find any tutorial or trick in the web, how I can save the protocol afterwards or I can hide the complicated way via Makro.
I know I can copy the levels from one photo to the other, but not the protocol.
But I want to save the protocol afterwards, but how? Is there any trick or easy way?

Hope I could explain my situation clearly and already thanks for your help.
So far I could not find this topic here.

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5 minutes ago, GabrielM said:

What do you mean by "save the protocol"? Save the history?

Yes, that’s exactly what the OP means. The History list is called "Protokoll" in German.

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If you did not create a macro, and you flatten the image, I'm afraid you cannot apply the same effects to a different photo. 

Next time you want to save the effects, make sure you start the macro recording. 

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Yes save the history (like the macro is doing while working) or yes save the series of adjustments and yes I want to apply it later to other photos.
I just want to do it afterwards and not in advance and not while working on one photo, when I don't know yet.
I want to save it in the end.
But already got the info from affinity that it is not possible at the moment, there is no reserve macro function. ;-(

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maybe for the next update/version - greetings to the software developer

for the User: right mouse click -> save history/protocol as a macro in library

(for me it would be much more easy)

thank you!

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