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"Clear Selection" part of Undo/Redo Stack?

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Hi all.

"Clear Selection" is part of the Undo/Redo stack. Should it be? Why or why not?

My scenario why not:

I have multiple elements in a layout. I make some changes. I like the changes, but I want to see the previous layout (and I neglected to make my changes to a duplicate layout). My solution (in a typical user experience paradigm) is to Undo my changes, make a copy of all the elements, then Redo the changes and paste my selection (of the elements in their previous layout) next to the revised elements.

I reported this as a bug ...

... but @Chris_K deemed it by design.


Might anyone on the development staff or otherwise, be willing to offer up a scenario in which "Clear Selection" should be part of the Undo/Redo stack?

User @Kal offers some good perspective on why "Clear Selection" should not be part of the Undo/Redo stack..

"undo/redo should be reserved for destructive actions. And sometimes space bar doesn't work [in the case that you want to Clear Selection, just to clearly view your layout] —say, if there is focus on a text field like Swatches > Opacity."


Thank you Affinity team, for your incredible software which I use everyday.

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Not an answer to your question, but I have always worked the other way around when I like where I am, but want to compare with where I was…

  1. Copy the object.
  2. Go back through history to earlier state.
  3. Paste object.
  4. Compare the two.

Alternatively: look into Snapshots https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=/DesignAids/snapshot.html?title=Using snapshots

  1. Make a snapshot of where you are now.
  2. Go back in History to find earlier state.
  3. Copy object in its earlier state.
  4. Restore the Snapshot.
  5. Paste the object.

Or even…

  1. Make snapshot of now.
  2. Go back in History.
  3. Make a snapshot of then.
  4. Toggle at will between the two!

Hope one of these helps with your workflow.

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Great suggestions Aammppaa. I do agree with metajake in principle though, that non-destructive actions (like deselecting an object) shouldn't be added to undoable history. Without thinking too hard about how or where this catches me out, I know it does from time to time. As I said on metajake's other post:

"Some people may remember that with InDesign CS3, Adobe started including non-destructive actions (switching to preview mode, showing and hiding guides, etc) in the undo/redo stack, and it was a nightmare. People hated it, and Adobe restored the previous behaviour. In Adobe apps, I like that the relevant selection comes back when you undo or redo."

The Adobe behaviour provides the best of both worlds I think… You can safely deselect an object without losing redos, but if you do undo or redo, you get your selection back.

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