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Expecting A Web Designing Platform by Affinity

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Serif have indicated that they are not planning to add a web design application to the Affinity suite. I suggest that you look at alternatives such as WYSIWYG Web Builder.

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I'd like to see them develop a web builder app too someday but not now. If you are on a Mac, give Sparkle a try. It is simple but with enough power to do quite a bit with, in fact it is very reminiscent of a page layout program and at a decent price. 

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On 6/5/2018 at 5:58 PM, Pranto said:

Expecting a web designing platform like lost "Serif WebPlus"(http://www.serif.com/webplus/) or something something better than it...so that we can design website creatively...!!! :^)


Pinegrow, Webflow, Coffecup Responsive Site Designer. That's in the order I prefer them, I know web coding. I think for what you want, and no need to have even a slight knowledge of web coding (typically is what ppl wanting a wysiwyg is after) the order could better be....The coffecup responsive site designer first, then the others, in the priority of what to get. ( Webflow is a service, not a standalone software. )


IMO, the 3 are very good, is mostly what kind of freelancer or hobbyist you are, and which are your preferences.  I always recommend to try everything.

All these are pretty inexpensive. If anything, Webflow is a service, subscription based (in my priorities is second as I like a a nice number of "ways" that it has, very fast and efficient). But in reality, I never go for  cloud/subscription based solutions. A LOT of non hardcore web coders (just non developers) have gone for Webflow. But there are some designers using it that can code very well, but think they work faster with it. (it's maybe true, at least for a specific kind of development, very specially for some kind of freeelancing)


If I were, personally to go for not doing all in code (not the case), probably would choose Pinegrow. But again, I know web coding structure (front-end, only, for now).  My next steps are going to be consolidating my developing path, though, as I have always just used coding approaches since I stopped using GUIs for this. In '98 I relied all my work, heavily , in Dreamwaver and the like, If I remember well the years.  Today knowing to code is way more useful than designing the page visually, as a career path. For the graphic field, it has all moved -except in freelancing- towards the UX/UI profile, often being this professional not really actually developing the final output, definitely not any code, even not actually producing the final graphics in quite some cases. I know of situations where there IS someone doing the icons for the UX person.(personally I could never ever enjoy doing UX (<> UI) tasks as much as I love doing icons. More about the wireframes and user experience, etc. For landing pages, small occasional stuff like that is for what I see more useful the mentioned tools, or something like webplus. Also for very small pages, for business owners wanting only a very mere presence, single page or almost  that. But even these, are often willing to get a Wordpress page, or Drupal based, or the like. As they want to be able to update it by themselves later on. Funnily enough, it is evolving yet another profile:  Wix professionals (BTW, that a whole entire way of making sites graphically, with Wix, Squarespace or Weebly). That is, people knowing deeply the ins and outs of Wix, and using these for clients, even being the clients requiring this service ! Something I'll never understand, but seems it happens, ppl (specially business owners) have little time to fiddle with things....



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