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Changing Colors of bed-sheets in photo?

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     I am new to photo-editing and I've spent a few days watching various tutorials and have played around in Affinity Photo. I am struggling though so I thought I would ask if anyone can point me in the right direction. 

I understand how to select diffrent things in pictures and I am familiarizing myself with layers and adjustments. I have played around with all of that stuff. So I feel like I have some small basics now. 

Here is what I am working on, I sell bedsheets. I have taken a few photos of some sheets on a bed which apparenlty is an intresting photo to photographic. However, I have about 20 diffrent colors. How do I properly change the color to make it very smiliar match the color ? Is this possible or do I need to photographic each diffrent set ? 

I've tried to select the bedsheets and I can change their colors but I can't figure out how to do matches. Say change a white set of sheets to a brown/chocolate or a red. Have it look similar ? 

However I'd like to learn any suggestions ?  I know its probably possible given I look on websites and see they have photos of sheets/ curtains that sort of thing and they are the same picture with different coloring. 

Thank you very much for any advice. 

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Well there are generally several different ways of doing this, though it also always depends on an image subject lighting and shadow falls here, since specific color nuances don't always have to be equally the same for a motive. - You might want to start with looking at some intro videos here, in order to get an overall idea ...

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Yeah I guess the difficulty is that nothing shows up. I guess white is hard to turn into colors or something ? 

What I would like to do is for example pictured below. How do I change white area to a brown etc ? I just I don't get it yet. I'll review all the youtube video's again. (I had seen them previously but I do appreciate you posting them.) 

Thanks for the reply's so far. I know I must be missing something simple. 


24 minutes ago, MikeW said:

Set up and shoot each color. Really. It's what product shoots are all about. 

Well technically I have a single product with about 36 different colors. 4 Different sizes I think even if I did open them all up and photograph them they would still be needing slight adjustment to look presentable. 



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After some experimenting and more practice attempts. 

I've done select the white sheet > new pixel layer > Brush tool > Brush action over the "white sheet" > i changed it in pull down menu to multiply 

Any other way that might be better ? This seems to be one solution perhaps. 

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It should be possible ..


Watch this quick clip I made using the Selection Brush Tool & a fill layer 




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Maybe trying these things will help for general recolor-stunts:

- Load a LUT

- use a fill-layer, give a "gradient" and set another blend-mode and opacity than normal and 100%

- use a curves-adjustment (or any adjustment) tweak it, set another blend mode and "open the mix-box  via the small cog right-side the blend-dropdown. Play a little bit with that "curves".

- for inspiration you can use the tone mapping persona or camera-presets

- you can also use lot of macros and other "presets" look here http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/resources/

-if you want to deeper dive you can use luminance-masks for specific stunts

- last but not least the NIK collection (ColorEFEX) is also great for recolor and free and ALMOST stable (some small glitches/issuse)


well, in the select menu there are some helper for get specific tones, also  filter>find is your friend


EDIT: a great video came in the meantime above:-)

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