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  1. No that's an example I took from the internet. I was trying to figure out how one would go about doing that. I've been messing around there's a few more tweaks I'd have to make to get my pictures up to that standard but I think I am on my way.
  2. After some experimenting and more practice attempts. I've done select the white sheet > new pixel layer > Brush tool > Brush action over the "white sheet" > i changed it in pull down menu to multiply Any other way that might be better ? This seems to be one solution perhaps.
  3. Yeah I guess the difficulty is that nothing shows up. I guess white is hard to turn into colors or something ? What I would like to do is for example pictured below. How do I change white area to a brown etc ? I just I don't get it yet. I'll review all the youtube video's again. (I had seen them previously but I do appreciate you posting them.) Thanks for the reply's so far. I know I must be missing something simple. Well technically I have a single product with about 36 different colors. 4 Different sizes I think even if I did open them all up and photograph them they would still be needing slight adjustment to look presentable.
  4. Hi I am new to photo-editing and I've spent a few days watching various tutorials and have played around in Affinity Photo. I am struggling though so I thought I would ask if anyone can point me in the right direction. I understand how to select diffrent things in pictures and I am familiarizing myself with layers and adjustments. I have played around with all of that stuff. So I feel like I have some small basics now. Here is what I am working on, I sell bedsheets. I have taken a few photos of some sheets on a bed which apparenlty is an intresting photo to photographic. However, I have about 20 diffrent colors. How do I properly change the color to make it very smiliar match the color ? Is this possible or do I need to photographic each diffrent set ? I've tried to select the bedsheets and I can change their colors but I can't figure out how to do matches. Say change a white set of sheets to a brown/chocolate or a red. Have it look similar ? However I'd like to learn any suggestions ? I know its probably possible given I look on websites and see they have photos of sheets/ curtains that sort of thing and they are the same picture with different coloring. Thank you very much for any advice.
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