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Check a files dimensions and resolution

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Hi there


i am a complete novice with Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro. If someone was to email a jpeg to me for a business card, once I have opened the file in affinity, how can I check the dimensions of the jpeg and what resolution the image is?


thanks for any help

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Hi Kinggaz79 and Welcome to the Forums,


For the Dimensions of the image and DPI, if you tap the Document Menu and select Resize, it will display the dimensions of the image and depending on how big your iPad Pro is, you should also see the current DPI.  If you have a smaller iPad Pro, you'll need to tap the white triangle just past the apple option to view the DPI.

 if you tap on the Metadata Studio (little Camera icon down the right side of Affinity) . 


If you just want to quickly check the dimensions of an open image, down the right hand side tap the Metadata Studio icon (looks like a little camera) this will pop out a panel with the metadata for that image and will show the dimensions of the image (but not DPI)

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this can be done by document>resize. 
to change the dpi, uncheck „resample“



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If Resample is checked the physical dimensions will stay the same when you change the DPI. If it is unchecked the dimensions will change with the DPI.

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If "Resample" is checked, the quantity of pixels of the image will change (increase/decrease), so the size of the image will change too. If it is unchecked the quantity of pxels will stay the same and only its relation to the DPI-value will change. This is important for printing, because pixels don't have a fixed size. So you have to fix at what size the single pixels shall be printed.

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